Saturday, November 3, 2012


That would be the disgusting butcher Madeline Albright:

Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was "worth it"

Lo and behold, 'Bloody Maddy's' real name is Marie Jana Korbelov√° and both of her parents are 'Chosen Ones' from Prague, Czechoslovakia. And of course, she claims to have lost relatives in the holocau$t.... Of course.

This sadistic, vile butcher of Iraqi children is still spewing her venom at the world, back in Prague, when she should be spending the rest of her sorry life in a Super-Max prison, in solitary confinement.

What it is what a certain 'Tribe' of people and their inherent tendencies to slaughter us Gentiles?

As if that wasn't crazy enough, their 'Mother Ship,' Apartheid Israel, has threatened to nuke the entire planet if their many schemes, cons, thefts and Murder Inc. scams get exposed.
"Disgusting Serbs! Get Out!" Madeleine Albright's Scrap With Pro-Serbian Activists in a Prague Bookstore

"You're a war criminal," Protesters

By Deana Kjuka

Video has emerged showing Madeleine Albright in a verbal altercation with a group of pro-Serbian activists in Prague. The former U.S. Secretary of State got involved in a heated exchange with the activists who remonstrated with her over her role in the American-led 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and her reported interest in a Kosovar communications firm. At a book-signing event, promoting her memoir "Prague Winter," in the Czech capital's Luxor bookstore on October 23, members of the civic group, "Friends of Serbs in Kosovo" entered into a verbal confrontation with Albright and her representatives.

The two videos, which were uploaded to YouTube by the group were published by the Czech publication Parlamentni Listy on its website on October 25. The videos show the verbal jousting that ensued after one of the group's members, Czech film director Vaclav Dvorak who made the documentary "Stolen Kosovo," walked up to Albright and asked her to sign a DVD copy of his film.

In one video, Dvorak is accompanied by a cameraman as he comes up to Albright's desk and tells her: "I brought you a film I recorded in Kosovo and I also wanted to remind you of your other deeds," at which point he places posters on her desk with a picture of Albright and the logo of Kosovo's IPKO state telecommunications firm. Parlamentni Listy reports that one of the posters had photographs of Serbs killed during the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999.

Promotion of a book by Madeleine Albright at The Neoluxor Palace, Prague, Czech Republic, 23.10.2012

Albright, who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1937 and speaks Czech, tells Dvorak and his group that she will not be signing the posters, at which point a woman from the crowd asks her if she is ashamed to sign them. Following a mild scuffle between security staff and the group (at the 01:22 mark in the video above), Albright gets up from her chair and screams "Get out!"

The second video which appears to be shot from a different angle, shows the same scene with additional footage. After being called a war criminal by someone in the crowd, Albright answers back, "You're a war criminal." She can be heard a few more times screaming, "Get out." At the 01:02 mark, however, she gets up from her chair one final time and yells, "Disgusting Serbs! Get Out!" before being escorted away from the scene by her handlers.


  1. Wow, good for those guys confronting this heartless war criminal. We need more people doing this type of activism.

  2. The psychopathic characteristics of this tribe quickly surface with a little pressure. The centuries of inbreeding has concentrated the evil in this life-form to such a level that they are a threat to all life on the planet. They view all those not of the tribe as sub-human, to be used and destroyed as they will. There can be no compromise with them and they cannot be reformed.


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