Saturday, December 22, 2012

Congress Votes to Move the White House to Israel


Washington--Newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said today that he is in full support of the Congress spending 666 million dollars to move the White House to Israel.

"On a personal level, since my last name is really Kohn, making me one of the 'Chosen,' I am excited to learn about this exciting development that will give a tremendous boost to my true homeland, Israel," said Kerry speaking to reporters at a friend's Bar Mitzvah.

My brother Cameron, who converted back to Judaism, is beside himself with this news and my darling wife, Theresa, who's also a 'Tribe' member, is so happy she's dancing the Hora!"

"Moving the White House to Israel is long overdue. We can save the American taxpayer great sums of money by having the White House in Israel, since that will cut down on the number of trips various department heads take to the 'Promised Land.'


Elsewhere in Washington today, AIPAC, the very influential Israeli lobby, strenuously denied that it was a lobby that exists solely to influence, thru bribes, intimidation and blackmail, Congress, that it was a lobby and threatened to sue anyone who said otherwise in their campaign to deny the Secretary of War spot to that despicable anti-Semite, Chuck Hagel.

The world's paper of record, the Washington Post, came out in defense of AIPAC, saying in an editorial that Sir Rupert Murdoch was ecstatic when hearing news about the move, but was too busy buying another politician to issue a full press release.



  1. Is this real or just a satire?

  2. Both, but the part about Kerry's last name actually being KOHN is for real.

  3. And what happened next...

    Netanyahu lauds Kerry nomination for U.S. secretary of state job

    Of course, prince of darkness nuttyyahoo's approval means a lot for DC's relocation to israhell.


  4. truth4ever99 said...

    Is this real or just a satire?

    Yes, there is the ring of truth in your piece. Told ya.


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