Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Drone Attack Kills Three Iranian Terrorists


Three persons were killed and numerous others sustained injuries when a Hellfire missile from US drone hit a camel caravan in Eastern Iraq, local sources said on Thursday.

The sources said the drone fired a missile at a camel caravan; "Three charred bodies were retrieved from the rubble of the destroyed caravan," a local source said, adding that the injured were taken to a health facility in the area. The condition of two of the injured was stated to be critical.

The camels were destroyed in the attack, the sources said, adding that tribesmen in the area rushed to the site and launched rescue activities. There were conflicting reports about the target of the drone. Some reports claimed that those killed and injured in the attack were local tribesmen.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon said this was part of the continuing effort to 'get the bad guys' before they get us and that President Obama would not relent or tire from protecting Americans and bringing freedom and democracy to the world.

The spokesperson further stated: "We have been in touch with CIA units on the ground in the area and they have confirmed our suspicions that this caravan was hiding behind some nonsense about it being a chance to study astronomy when we know different. CIA and MOSSAD agents on the ground have recovered some gold carried by the caravan, which was obviously to be used to finance terrorists in Gaza and some strange substances, which we are treating carefully until they can be checked by our Haz-Mat teams, right now the preliminary tests indicate that the the substances are biological weapons."

Off the record, reporters were told that this caravan originated in Iran, giving further credence to the Pentagon's and President Obama's concern about the Iranian nuke problem and that there is definitely a nexus of terror between the territories and Iran.

"At the request of our good friends, the Israelis, the gold was shipped to Tel Aviv for 'storage.'

"Merry Christmas from the Pentagon!!!"

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