Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Are We So Shocked About Brutal Murders?


When we commit them against people around the world on a daily basis?

We swagger around the world stage like a fat, drunken lout, one hand on our crotch and the other waving around a six-shooter like some psychotic John Wayne, threatening any and all that don't succumb to our desires.

Where's the crocodile tears when we blow up some Afghan hovel or Pakistani home or Yemeni tribal gathering? No where to be found, not in the USA, where we regularly pat ourselves on the back for bringing freedom and democracy to the world, at the point of a gun.

Where's the calls for justice when we are caught bloody handed, torturing some poor soul to gather non-existent details to help the Pentagon kill more people?

We have invaded several ME nations, all based on LIES, mainly to protect that shitty little country, Israel from reality and to help it 'secure its realm.'

We arm that State of Hate with advanced weapons, allegedly for defense, when it actuality Israel uses them to bomb the world's largest open-air concentration camp, Gaza and to inflict its murderous intents on Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Iran, the Sudan, etc.

Picture of the Zionist butchery in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, where around 250 men, women and children were slaughtered by invading Khazars, AKA Israeli Jews.


PARTIAL list of Israeli masscres of Palestinians & Lebanese


After all, we're a nation built on the blood of others, whether it's the tens of million of Native Americans we slaughtered 'civilizing' this country or the millions we've butchered since in our overseas adventures to establish our Imperial Empire.

Wars that have been mostly due to banker influence and their desire to gather more wealth and power, but we're so woefully ignorant that we'll believe anything, including the lies told us by our corrupt, immoral and sadistic government.

So please Mr. Hope and Change, Mr. Nobel Peace laureate, spare me your crocodile tears, you're nothing more than a mass-murdering serial killer.

And We the People are too.

Happy Birthday America: A Bunch of Spoiled, Whiny Brats



  1. I do not advocate the revisionism you do; regarding indigenous Americans. I do however agree that most are desensitized, and practice an externally induced engaging of the senses.

  2. I have a had a long road to becoming a Messianic believer, with a decade-long stop in Evangelical Chrisitanity that supports Israel wholeheartedly, but I always uneasy about what I heard Israel does to Palestinians. I was caught scared about not supporting Israel b/c scripture says the whole world will be against Israel and anyone not supporting Israel will die... however, in my deep studies I have learned that the state of Israel exists basically illegally and those that founded it, run it and who mostly live there are not even OF a tribe, but Khazars who were immersed in Judaism by some leader hundreds of years ago.
    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you wrote, including about all the Native Americans that were butchered to conquer this land and it's not a very popular stand to take. I commend you for your writing and hope you will continue to be courageous and write the truth as it IS and not how the so-called "winners" write it in all our children's history books.

  3. Thanks, Michele.

    The alleged Bible quote about supporting or not supporting Israel is taken out of context.

    The real quote is in regards to Abraham, not Israel, so the lies begin early.

  4. Your world view is really skewed, and you imagery is adolescent. "We swagger around the world stage like a fat, drunken lout, one hand on our crotch and the other waving around a six-shooter like some psychotic John Wayne"
    Dude--the USA is a great place, that is why people all over the world want to come here. Why don't you go someplace better--if you can find anyplace better, and if you can learn a new language, which I bet you can not.


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