Sunday, January 20, 2013

Israel's Unit 8200...Spying on You?

Is Israel's Unit 8200 spying on you?
Enter Unit 8200: Israel arms for cyberwar

In March 2010 the head of Israel's Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, disclosed that the Jewish state had become a world leader in cyberwarfare.

The Jerusalem Post said May 5 that Unit 8200 was suspected of developing the Stuxnet worm.
One guess where these Talmudic Terrorists got their equipment from for setting up Unit 8200?

Unit 8200 also makes in-house software, like bugs and viruses.

Israel Did Fukushima - False Flag Terrorist Attack

An offshoot of the terrorist op Unit 8200 is Checkpoint, which makes the anti-virus software "Zone Alarm."

Another is NICE Systems Ltd, an Israel based company specializing in telephone voice recording, data security, and surveillance.

Don't forget this one, EZchip Semiconductor is a publicly traded fabless semiconductor company that develops and markets Ethernet network processors.

But we're not done yet!

Apartheid Israel has a NSA equivalent, the Urim SIGINT Base, an intelligence-gathering installation, part of the Unit 8200. Urim is located in the Negev desert approximately 30km from Beersheba, a couple of kilometres north of the kibbutz of Urim.

The ZOF is hiring computer hackers.

Is Unit 8200 being used to game the American stock market?

The NSA's General Didn't Lie To Congress About Spying On Americans — They Hire It Out To The Israelis

Didn't we learn any lessons from the Israeli firm Amodcs spying on America, helping Israel pull off 9/11?

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