Sunday, January 13, 2013

JAVA Bugs, the STUXNET Worm and the Coming Cyber 9/11

JAVA malware, Courtesy of Guess Who?
New malware exploiting Java 7 in Windows and Unix systems

A new Trojan horse called Mal/JavaJar-B has been found that exploits a vulnerability in Oracle's Java 7 and affects even the latest version of the runtime (7u10).
Besides computers, JAVA is heavily into providing platforms for cell phones and; Java powers set-top boxes, printers, Web cams, games, car navigation systems, lottery terminals, medical devices, parking payment stations, and more.

Now who would want to spy on Americans phone conversations?

ORACLE is behind JAVA and their top dog is Larry Ellison. Click on this link to see who else is at the ORACLE Bar Mitzvah.

Larry is the 3rd richest person in America, worth around 41 BILLION.

That kind of loot makes Larry the richest Jew in the world, according to this article in the JPost.

The same article says Larry used to work for the CIA. There's no such thing as a 'former' CIA employee, the Farm doesn't let its people go. And ORACLE has a large presence in 'Stolenland.'

Between Larry's links to the CIA + Apartheid Israel, it doesn't take an IT genius to see where this is leading.

Larry, shortly after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, approached Israel's colony on the Potomac and offered up ORACLE's database to be used to create a national ID card.
Larry Ellison once was the richest man in the world. Now, in some quarters, he's on his way to being one of the most reviled.

The Oracle chief executive's impassioned pleas for a national ID card prompted one nonprofit group to dub him the "privacy villain of the week," and conservative and libertarian activists are outraged.

This week at the National Press Club, Ellison talked up the need for better government identification -- backed by Oracle databases, of course -- for everyone.
Wadda a guy.

Don't think 'al CIA Duh' will be flying any planes into this Haifa, Israel IT park anytime in the future.


If you know where the STUXNET worm came from that disabled the Japanese reactor, then it's not a far reach to imply that this JAVA bug was designed in a lab.

That same STUXNET worm can also be used to disable/destroy public utilities around the world, and water, gas and oil pipelines.

The Stuxnet worm attacking computers in Iran includes a reference to the Book of Esther in its code.

When that 'Cyber 9/11' comes true as predicted by our hijacked government, we'll know where it came from.

Israel video shows Stuxnet as one of its successes

More NWO mayhem, "Operation Olympic Games"

But at least Larry can escape to his own Hawaiian island!

All that money, what to do?

Screw the locals schools where you have one of your mansions!

Perhaps Larry gets help from Israel's 'Silicon Wadi?'

Or maybe he gets help from the Zionist Occupation Force's IT arm, MAMRAM?

Stuxnet: Cyber Warfare by Israel & The U.S.


  1. I learned long ago to NEVER update Java when prompted to. I wait weeks or months to see if others are going to experience any negative effects.

    As a matter of fact, I will not allow any automatic updates of any type. Of course, I may get "updated" without my knowledge, by some gov hacks somewhere, but I try to keep my software as safe as possible (I still use XP on this machine).

  2. Well, we know we can't trust Ellison and crew. Homeland Security is issuing a warning to 'temporarily' disable Java and since when do they warn us of anything legit.

    This statement from someone at RMN is what I've been thinking about.

    [I'm wondering if they need us to "stand down" our computers so that they can issue a "software upgrade" (i.e., surveillance capability or a back door).]

    So when homeland security tells us it's safe to upgrade is that what the majority is going to do? And what will we actually get with the fix.

  3. Don't have Java on my current computer and glad that I don't.

    BM, I too have my software upgrades set to where the computer asks me before updating, giving me a chance to look into the upgrade before signing off.

  4. all jews in this story:


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