Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Like to Blow up Buildings, Shoot People and Not go to Jail?"

Then join the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and perform acts of mayhem to your blackened hearts content, since you'll usually get probation or the charges tossed out by a 'friendly' judge.

The following acts of violence are made possible by believing a fiction called the holocas$t, by infiltrating the federal government and by having control of the Congress and MSM.

If you're a Gentile, for God's sake, don't try any of this madness because if you get caught, your sorry ass will wind up doing 15-20 years HARD time at some 'Sodom' type of penitentiary.

P.S. The below is only a SMALL and I do mean small sample of all the brutal acts listed. Read them, especially the part about using a 'drone' airplane to attack a building and hijacking airliners and then ask yourself again if you still believe the official government lie about the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.
November 25, 1970:
At 3:20 a.m., a bomb exploded at the Manhattan offices of the Soviet airline Aeroflot and its travel agency Intourist causing extensive damage. Thirty-five minutes after the explosion of the bomb, an anonymous caller telephoned the Associated Press and declared that the bomb was in response to Soviet anti-Semitism and pronounced the JDL slogan, "Never again!" At a subsequent press conference, Kahane voiced approval of the bombing but denied responsibility for it, stating, "Any protest to help enslaved people is a legitimate form of protest - including bombing and other forms of violent action."

January 8, 1971:
A bomb exploded in the pre-dawn hours of the morning outside a Soviet cultural building in Washington DC causing moderate damage. Shortly after the explosion, a woman telephoned news agencies and warned: "This is a sample of things to come. Let our people go. Never again! " Bertram Zweibon, the vice-chairman of the JDL denied the group's involvement, but declared, "We do not condemn the act.

May 22, 1970:
Six unidentified members of the JDL stormed into the offices of two Arab propaganda agencies in New York. Three Arab men were severely beaten with wooden clubs, and the offices were left in disarray. The three victims were hospitalized. Responding to reports that JDL literature was found at the scene of the attacks, Kahane did not take credit for the assaults but stated that "If we did [take credit], we'd be open to all sorts of problems. We obviously can't." He then proceeded to express his approval of the attacks.

September 27, 1970:
Two members of the JDL, Avraham and Nancy Hershkovitz, were arrested in an alleged plot to hijack an Arab airliner. The two were arrested at Kennedy Airport carrying firearms and explosives. They were later indicted on six counts by a grand jury but pleaded guilty only to a charge of passport falsification.

May 24, 1972:
In an apparent effort to disrupt U.S. - Soviet relations, four people, two of which were reported to be members of the JDL, were arrested and charged with bomb possession and burglary in a conspiracy to blow up the Long Island residence of the Soviet Mission to the UN. President Nixon was on an official visit to Moscow at the time. The arrests were announced by Acting Attorney General Richard Kliendienst. On August 4 1972, the two JDL members pleaded guilty and were sentenced to serve 3 years in prison for one and a year and a day for the other.

September 14, 1972:
Members of the JDL were arrested in Los Angeles twelve hours after the bombing of an apartment building which included among its tenants a Palestinian Arab. No one was injured. In June of 1973, two members of the organization were convicted on charges of assault.

February 6, 1973:
An FBI agent revealed that members of the JDL had planned to use a "drone airplane" in 1971 to bomb the Soviet Mission to the UN in New York.

May 22, 1973:
A Queens, New York high school teacher was sentenced to 90 days in prison for using false documents to hide the identities of individuals who purchased rifles for use in a JDL camp in 1970. A co-defendant, also a JDL member, was convicted on similar charges, and was sentenced to 5 months in prison on July 15.

January 30, 1975:
Two JDL members were arrested on suspicion of arson following the firebombing of an automobile belonging to the brother of an accused Nazi war criminal. The two were identified as members of the JDL by the group's West Coast director, who expressed sympathy with the firebombing. On November 27 1975, a JDL member pleaded guilty to the firebombing.

January 13, 1976:
Three pipe bombs were discovered and disarmed by New York City police near the United Nations, and a fourth bomb found at the Iraqi UN Mission was later similarly disarmed. Anonymous telephone callers told the Associated Press that the bombs had been set by the Jewish Armed Resistance Strike Unit, which has been associated with the JDL. The UN bombs were found by a Transit Authority employee in a subway emergency exit shaft under an exit ramp from the FDR drive next to the UN. A UN spokesman said that fragments from the bomb could have killed or wounded anyone within 50 feet. A JDL spokesman said his organization applauded the attempted bombing.'

January 17, 1976:
A pipe bomb exploded in front of the Polish Consulate on Madison Avenue near East 37th Street in Manhattan. After the explosion, a man called two wire services and the New York Post and claimed he represented "the voice of Jewish Armed Resistance. "

May 3, 1976:
Five pipe bombs shattered windows and caused minor damage to two banks, a Russian book store, a subway exit near the UN and the national headquarters of the Communist Party. A caller to the Daily News stated that the bombs had been planted by the Jewish Armed Resistance Strike Unit, and supplied the location of a letter relating to the bombings, which was later found there by police.

June 23, 1976:
Two vehicles were firebombed near the Pan Am cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport. An anonymous call told the New York Post that the Jewish Armed Resistance was responsible.'

August 15, 1977:
The JDL claimed responsibility for the firebombing in Brooklyn of a vehicle used by the proselytizing organization Jews For Jesus.

August 18, 1978:
An anonymous caller to the Associated Press claimed JDL responsibility for a fire at the Democratic Party's Southern California headquarters in Los Angeles. A JDL spokesman later refused to comment on any JDL role in the fire, but expressed sympathy with the perpetrators. The arson was assertedly to protest Carter Administration pressure on Israel.''

August 30, 1978:
A JDL member convicted of bombing a Los Angeles theater during a showing of Vanessa Redgrave's pro-PLO film, "The Palestinians," was sentenced to a three month "thorough psychological examination" with the California Youth Authority.

November 20, 1978:
A group calling itself the "New Jewish Defense League" took responsibility for the attempted bombing of the home of an Egyptian UN diplomat in Queens. The device did not go off.

June 25, 1979:
JDL members swinging baseball bats disrupted meetings of neo-Nazi groups in two suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. There were no arrests.

January 27, 1980:
An anonymous caller claimed responsibility in the name of the JDL after a bomb exploded outside the San Francisco office of Bank Melli of Iran.

January 25, 1981:
A bomb exploded in the early hours of the morning outside the Bank Melli Iran building in San Francisco. Windows were shattered on both sides of the street, but there were no injuries. A man who identified himself as a representative of the JDL telephoned United Press international and claimed responsibility, stating that the group's act of violence was taken to protest the "brutal persecution of Iranian Jewry " and demanded the release of "50,000 Jews held hostage" that he described as being held in Iran. Earl Krugel, director of the JDL in California, denied responsibility for the explosion but was reported as condoning the action.

May 31, 1981:
Two JDL members were arrested for throwing rocks, bottles and eggs at the offices of the Soviet airline Aeroflot in New York. The two, Avigdor Eskin and Alex Khaves, were charged with starting a riot, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief. Both had recently emigrated to the U.S. from the Soviet Union.

August 30, 1981:
Four gasoline firebombs were hurled at the home of an accused Nazi war criminal, Boleslavs Maikovskis, in Mineola, Long Island at 2:30 a.m. There were no injuries, but slight damage to the house was reported. Within minutes of the firebombing attack, a representative of the JDL telephoned the New York Post and took responsibility for the attack.

September 3-4 1981:
Six unexploded bombs were discovered near the Soviet Mission to the United Nations on September 3. On September 4, a small bomb exploded under an unoccupied car with diplomatic license plates parked near the Soviet Mission. No one claimed responsibility for these incidents.

September 6, 1981:
A small bomb exploded at the Four Continent Bookstore at 1:40 a.m., causing damage to the display window of the store. The Four Continent Bookstore, which sold literature published in the Soviet Union, was targeted by what a caller identified as the "Thunder of Zion" which claimed to be a "militant faction" of the JDL. The caller stated, "Within the next two weeks they [Soviet Jews, including refuseniks Anatoly Shcharansky and Maria Tlemkin] had better be released or Russian blood will flow on New York streets. There will be blood up to your knees, including [Soviet foreign minister Andrei] Gromyko's." Arno Weinstein, the national director of the JDL, in an interview with the New York Post, said, "We do not take responsibility for this, but we applaud it. I am very happy that Jews are finally taking some action."

October 25, 1981:
Two firebombs severely damaged the Egyptian Government Tourist Office at Rockefeller Center in New York at 4:18 a.m. There were no injuries. An anonymous caller to the New York Daily News claimed responsibility for the bombing at 4:35 a.m., stating, "This is the JDL. We have just firebombed the Egyptian government offices. We demand that the Camp David Accords be buried with Anwar Sadat, in solidarity with those against the retreat from the Israeli-liberated lands - the Sinai. Shalom. Never again!" A spokesman for the JDL later denied responsibility for the bombing, but "if this bombing was done to expose the fallacy of the Camp David Accords, we support the act. " Kahane himself was quoted by the New York Post as saying, "it could have been members of the JDL and it could have been anyone. "

November 15, 1981:
Twelve bullets were shot into the sitting room in the home of the Soviet Union's ambassador to the United Nations in Glen Cove, Long Island. There were no injuries. An unidentified caller telephoned United Press International and claimed responsibility in the name of the JDL. Meir Kahane, in an interview with the New York Daily News while on a speaking tour of the U.S. stated, "We have no exact knowledge of who fired into the home, but we have no doubt it is the work of Jewish activists." Describing the shooting as an "unlawful act," he went on to praise it by saying, "We applaud it."

February 21, 1982:
Following the explosion of two bombs outside the Washington, D.C. office of Aeroflot, an anonymous caller claimed responsibility for the JDL. He added that there would be further actions would continue.

July 6, 1982:
An anonymous caller claimed responsibility for the JDL after pipe-bombs were set off outside both the French and Lebanese Consulates in New York. Later, a JDL official denied the claim but added that the JDL did "applaud those actions."

October 11, 1985:
The West Coast headquarters of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is bombed, killing its Palestinian-American director, Alex Odeh and injuring 7 others. A JDL spokesman declared that Odeh "got exactly what he deserved."

April 28, 1986:
A member of the JDL placed a firebomb under a loading dock at a Pan Am building at Kennedy International Airport in protest of the airline's flights to Russia.

February 26, 1992:
A bomb exploded at 2:07 a.m. outside the Syrian Mission to the United Nations. Damage to the building included a shattered plate glass window near its entrance and a two foot hole in its entryway. There were no injuries. Several hours later, an identical bomb was found inside a cardboard box within a telephone booth on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

January 5, 1994:
Between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m., a bomb was placed outside a New York building that houses Americans for Peace Now, Habonim, Israel Horizons, and the Progressive Zionist Caucus. The bomb did not explode but was later defused by police . A second bomb, placed outside the building which houses the New Israel Fund, exploded but there were no injuries. Notes left with the bombs declared that an Jewish "civil war has begun. " The notes also spoke of the "spilling of blood in Israel" and criticized the Israeli Government as being "too liberal. " The notes were signed by the "Shield of David" and the "Maccabee Squad." A press release issued by Kahane Chai provided its traditional response subsequent to such incidents: the organization "denied responsibility" for the attacks, but "refused] to condemn the act."
Source, their Kosher Komrades at the ADL.

If you think things have changed over the years, you'd be wrong, as certain people can threaten to kill the president and the DOJ yawns and walks away.

After reading these documented stories about violent crimes committed by the 'KKK", Kosher Kommando Klan, that involve using bombs, hijacking airliners and flying a drone into a building, do you have any doubt who was behind that act of treachery committed on 9/11?


  1. Greg,

    "Like to Blow up Buildings, Shoot People and Not go to Jail?"

    Those are expensive hobbies, telling you! Luckily there are ways:

    JDL - if you're rich, like Morgan Gliedman & Aaron Greene.

    "The daughter of a top New York doctor and her Harvard-educated boyfriend are rich heroin addicts and not home-grown terrorists - despite explosives and a cache of weapons being found at their apartment, police say."

    OMG...I was hoping for catching some bearded Akhmeds, not those two Kosher Kriminals! Don't you hate it when that happens?

    Only the poor get to join the army and die.

    No, Hollywood doesn't want you read those documents. If you're spending soo much time reading those docs then who will watch the latest lovable yenta BowWawa Streisand or those goofball douche but sweet Judd ApatCow movies? ;)

  2. I've known some heroin junkies in my time and never did any of them have a stash of weapons. They were too busy shooting up and stoning out or trying to score.

    Too bad it wasn't some Muslim patsy, that would of gave ZNN some great screen time to scare the hell out of people so they wouldn't have to field questions about that skanky Griffith playing with Cooper's 'sack." Pewwwwwwwwwww


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