Monday, January 28, 2013

The Cartoon Hall of Fame Award Goes to...

A very talented and ballsy Gerald Scarfe drew this art work that has been making kippahs jump all over the world.


Of course, one good poster telling the TRUTH deserves another TRUTH!


To help keep this in perspective, let's look at an inconvenient TRUTH Apartheid Israel doesn't want you to see.
Here's a UBOOB link that goes into the typical Nazi spiel anytime anyone anywhere gets some TRUTH out about Apartheid Israel.

More pissing and moaning from that nation of eternal victims, but I'm gonna play tough and make you guess who's got their knickers in a twist.

The official web page of the very talented Mr. Scarfe.

Mr. Scarfe is familiar with 'Walls.'

Pink Floyd - Gerald Scarfe Animation - What Shall We Do Now?

Any bets as to how long the acting editor of the Times, Martin Ivens stays on the job?


  1. What's the line for how many days Scarfe will continued to be employed by a big time media outlet? I say 3 1/2, lol

  2. Does that line come with an over/under bet?

    Scarfe is very talented, so he'll get by somehow, as long as he doesn't run into some MOSSAD assassin.

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