Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The True Face of Hate is Apartheid Israel

Here's a warm up for you GOYS and girls:

"America, This is How Your Tax Dollars are Used" to support and prop up that noxious STATE OF HATE, APARTHEID ISRAEL. View the videos and then ask yourself why isn't this hate shown on CNN or FAUX?

Anti-African KKKhanukah Rally #2

Now on to the regularly scheduled hatefest from 'StolenLand.'

Israeli MK incites violence against leftists, Palestinians...MK stands for 'Member of Knesset,' not 'Moribund Killer.'

"Why is it only 200 flights and 15 killed? We want 15 flights and 2,000 killed!"

Ben Ari during a pro-war rally in support of Apartheid Israel's violent invasion--again--of Gaza in 2012.

Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari of the National Union party.

On 15 November, the second day of the Israeli assault on Gaza, Ben-Ari addressed a hate rally in Tel Aviv, calling for more bloodshed in Gaza. Ben-Ari is also notorious for his incitement against Africans and for his hatred of Christians. In July he tore up a New Testament, calling it "abominable" and threw it in the trash.

For all you 'Christian' zealots out there that think Israel is ordained by your God, why do you still support those who hate you and your religion?

Knesset Members Furious over New Testament Gift

Israeli Knesset members were shocked when they opened up a package in their mailboxes Monday morning.

Israel National News wrote that MKs were "furious after finding…what many called missionary propaganda promoting the New Testament."

"Members of all parties in the Knesset were shocked to see a Christian book that tries to link the Christian New Testament with the Jewish Bible," it reported on its website.
MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) "tore up a copy of the New Testament and posed for photographs with the destroyed Bible."

Ben, you can run, but not hide from your heritage, is that why you hate blacks?

Or is that a natural growth from your Talmud Masters degree?

Maybe we should toss out that Torah Scroll that got deposited in the Pentagon after 9/11?

And Rabbi Zakheim, he of the multi-TRILLION dollar theft from the Pentagon, lying about who came up with the idea of monotheism doesn't make the lie real.


  1. So true, Greg..where's CNN, M&M or ABCDEFG networks? Dammit ...aren't they supposedly the most "democratic, progressive & civilized country" in the ME and they are displaying such rancid behaviors?

    They got those Africans over so that lil Moshe don't have to clean toilets, Forget all that lost tribes of Israhell kumbaya nonsense!

    They are doing the same thing with the Indians, I'm sure that you've seen it somewhere:

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Dozens of Jews who claim to be the descendants of a lost biblical Jewish tribe emigrated to Israel on Monday from their village in northeastern India, celebrating their arrival after a five-year struggle to get in.
    The Bnei Menashe say they are descended from Jews banished from ancient Israel to India in the eighth century B.C. An Israeli chief rabbi recognized them as a lost tribe in 2005, and about 1,700 moved to Israel over the next two years before the government stopped giving them visas.


    Oh FUCK! how many Palestinian homes got destroyed to make room for those few, we wonder??

    Not all Israelis think Bnei Menashe qualify as Jews, and some suspect they are simply fleeing poverty in India.
    Avraham Poraz, a former interior minister, said they were not linked to the Jewish people. He also charged that Israeli settlers were using them to strengthen Israel's claims to the West Bank.


    Good luck to 'em, cause in few years, novelty will eventually wear out. Those Indians will meet the same fate as those Africans.

  2. And they use them to set up villages near Gaza that the Shin Bet can aim rockets at, then Israel can go screaming to the world, "We must defend ourselves!"


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