Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Video of Secretary Clinton Testifying About Benghazi

Our next president of the USSA at work:)

When HRM Hillary steals into the WH, they'll have to change the description from 'POTUS,' to 'COTUS.'


  1. Hahaha!

    Ole cotton-mouth kills and eats her serpentine associate.

    COTUS would be "c*nt of the united states" n'est ce pas?

    Hillary Clinton would lie about anything if she thought it would benefit her in the short or long run!

  2. a) The Administration concocted a story about the anti-Islam film to create an "event" in Benghazi, as an excuse to attack our 1st amendment. This gives Obozo "cover" which allows the administration to arrest an American "filmmaker" for criticizing Islam. For Obozo and Holder, this is a two-fer, since release of the Blind Sheik is part of
    the deal to his Muslim buddies.

    b) Quid Pro Quo - The staged demonstrators in Benghazi were to take hostages, which would in turn be released for the Blind Sheik, being held in Colorado Max Security for planning the 1993 WTC bombings. This is the same M.O. as the Mali / Algerian "rebels" - they demanded the release of the Blind Sheik before they were all killed along with the hostages last week.

    c) The fake demonstration in Benghazi goes terribly wrong when 2 Navy Seals show up to the party "uninvited" (they were told to stand down and they disobeyed orders). The Seals manage to get appx 30 people to safety and kill countless terrorists. The whole Benghazi operation is blown.

    d) The Muslim "demonstrators" think they have been betrayed by Obozo, since the Seals are wiping them out. They call in the heavy guns. Obozo retires to bed. Seals killed. Ambassador and staff killed. End of story.

    The CIA cheif quit rather than admit the truth and lil'SassySmartAss lied her whole way through in true borderline fashion.

    America's moral fiber is gone.

  3. shillary and her slithery friends need to fight lil Bindi first!

    They are the most unlikely contestants in a verbal battle over conservation – a 14-year-old schoolgirl and arguably the world's most powerful woman, Hillary Clinton.
    Mrs Irwin, who is American by birth, said Bindi wrote to Hillary Clinton's organisation later asking 'What happened to freedom of speech? This is my opinion and I don't want that edited out.'


    If i were Bindi, I would be looking out for slithery creatures lurking my alley.

    COTUS that's our shillary alright! :)


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