Thursday, January 31, 2013

"We Solemnly Swear to Kiss Israel's Ass"


That should be the theme of today's 'Yid Love Fest' in DC, the ongoing confirmation hearing of Secretary of WAR canddiate Chuck Hagel. I've been watching this sordid spectacle and Senator after Senator made it a point to express how much they loved Israel and were that State of Hate's #1 fan, spending a significant amount of time kissing Yid ass.

The 'Tel Aviv Terror Masters' should be more than pleased to see their trained puppies performing so well groveling before the Satanic Star of David.

If anyone had any doubt as to who was really in charge of the USA, all they need to do is to watch part of this sickening display of subservience before their Talmudic Masters.

And who's that creepy looking SOB sitting behind Hagel looking over the candidate's right shoulder?

US Congress Beholden to Israel Lobby!

Hasbara and the Control of Narrative as an Element of Strategy...."Hasbara' is a Yid term for brainwashing.



  1. Greg,

    Did you see this?

    Policy U-turn? Secretary of Defense nominee ups war rhetoric against Iran

    Obama’s nominee for secretary of defense told Congress he will ensure the US can strike Iran, if necessary. Former Senator Chuck Hagel, who was criticized for his dovish stance on Iran, has made an apparent U-turn by saber-rattling towards Tehran.
    Hagel addressed Congress ahead of his confirmation hearing on Thursday, stressing that although there is “time and space” for negotiation with Iran, “the window is closing” on a diplomatic solution.
    "If confirmed, I will focus intently on ensuring that [the] US military is in fact prepared for any contingency," Hagel said in a write-up of questions and answers for the confirmation hearing obtained by Reuters.
    RT’s Gayane Chichakyan suggested that the nomination of Hagel might be a way of toning down the war rhetoric in Washington. However, the possibility of a less aggressive strategy has angered some in Washington


    Angered some in Washington, eh? Some sentimental ass kissers obviously!

    Hasbara = tasty Hash browns to all the typical Honey Boo Boo, Kardashian whores & Robertson-Falwell following Xtian freaks out there.

  2. Thanks for that Musique. I didn't see that, but I did watch most of that hearing and it made me sick.

    The 'Jewish Lobby' was in full control of that confirmation hearing and made the Senators dance to the tune they were calling.


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