Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Regardless how much time or effort it takes, we must keep striving to expose the TRUTH about what happened on 9/11. The millions of victims around the world, who have been targeted by the Zionist maniacs since that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB deserve no less.


Pilots For 9/11 Truth brings you analysis never seen before regarding the Attack On The Pentagon. Highly technical analysis presented in a way that the layman will appreciate and understand. A 757 reported to have caused the damage at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 is analyzed based on topography, obstacles, flight data, physics, and witness statements. In order to accurately determine and understand the nature of the attack, Pilots For 9/11 Truth constructed a 3D scale model of the Arlington area complete with US Geological Survey Topography, obstacles, structures and vehicles. Based on flight data, physics and witness statements, we take you to Arlington on that fateful day, observing through the eyes of those who were there. We let the viewer determine if it is possible for a 757 to navigate such a region and cause the physical damage reported at the Pentagon. Many common arguments made by those who make excuse for and support the government story are also addressed.

9/11: Pentagon Was Hit by a Cruise Missile

Cab Driver Involved In 9/11 Pentagon Attack Admits "It Was Planned"


  1. I'm with you, Greg. Keep plugging away. There are so many people out there that have no clue, and so many young people who weren't socially conscious when the first wave of the truth movement came out. The bad guys know the power of repetition. Sometime it gets so frustrating saying the same thing, over and over, but that's what will win the war for people's consciousness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-MVMbm6c0k

  2. Whenever you turn on the TV, you'll find tons of shows on UFOs, bigfoots or ghost hunting, as American audience have some sort of unquenchable thirst for thriving on fantasy. But Whenever you tell 'em about Pilots for 9/11 truth or similar, they all turn into pet zombies created by govt fed lies. Yuck.

    So yes, keep these 9/11 related topics alive, agreed with Jody.

  3. Between the brain damaging stuff on TV and the endless video games, it's going to be an uphill battle to get the truth out to the kids of today.


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