Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Israeli FALSE FLAG OP

Pay attention to the remarks at around the 3:40 mark.

The July 2012 bus bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria has all the classic earmarks of an Israeli FALSE FLAG operation, even some parallels to the MOSSAD master-minded 9/11 FALSE FLAG. Bulgaria is a favorite hangout of Jews. Even the Israeli terror outfit Haganah once operated in the city of Burgas and there's no indication they don't still have a presence.

Corruption is on the rise in Bulgaria. Maybe someone is after all that GOLD that Bulgaria mines?

In less than two hours after the bombing and BEFORE any investigation had started, Israeli CRIME MINISTER Netanyahu was already blaming Iran and Hezbollah for the Bulgarian bus bombing, just like that sadistic SOB cackled on 9/11 that the attacks were very good for Israel and plotting on how to use America's military might to accomplish Zionist goals.

What nation is known for stealing and using false identities to pull off heinous crimes around the world? Israel. And a false identity was used in the Bulgarian bus bombing.

The Bulgarian government has published the photo of the bomber’s blown-up face, describing him as “blue-eyed Caucasian.” Does that description sound like the person is from Lebanon or Iran?

Like 9/11, a fake driver's license and other papers were found after the blast and fire. Maybe NIST can explain how a tremendous blast and raging fire can melt steel, but not burn paper and plastic?

Picture of the bombed out bus. Does it look like any kind of paper could survive this inferno?


And like 9/11, Israel scooted some of its personnel out of Bulgaria before they could be interviewed for the investigation. Why the rush? Did they have to make Aliyah to 'Stolenland' before they got caught red-handed?

This also happened on 9/11, "...hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all civilian domestic and international incoming and outgoing flights to and from the United States, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off from JFK bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport."

In Bulgaria, the Israeli group 'Zakar,' was on the scene within minutes to take away Israelis from any police investigation. Zakar is a Hebrew word from the Old Testament meaning to remember, recall, or call to mind. Recall the real terrorists like the five dancing Israeli's arrested on 9/11 for filming and celebrating the WTC attacks, then being shipped back to 'Stolenland' with help from American traitors.

Click here to see a well-written article about Israel's involvement in this affair.
Bulgaria Attack: An Israeli False Flag Operation?

In July 2012, only two hours after the attack in Burgas took place and no investigation had started yet, the Israeli government blamed Iran and Hezbollah for it. Mainstream Western media outlets immediately reproduced Israeli allegations as if they were proven facts.

Evidence of a false flag

Actually, there is a great deal of contrary evidence to suggest the attack was a carefully orchestrated Israeli “false flag” operation aimed at smearing Hezbollah and Iran and pressuring the European Union to brand Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, according to Kaveh L. Afrasiabi, a leading expert on Iranian issues, who has carefully analyzed the issue and has laid out some interesting questions about the Burgas attack in an article published in the site For example, “according to the official version, three kilograms of TNT exploited in front of the bus, but only the driver and five Israelis who were sitting in the back of the bus allegedly died. All the other passengers were lightly injured. A video amateur of the bus taken within seconds of the explosions does not show anyone jumping down the bus. Moreover, the passport and license of an alleged terrorist was found intact despite the raging fire in the bus”.

Shortly after the explosion an Israeli group known as Zakar appeared immediately on the site and collected the bodies of the dead. “Why was this group at the airport at that time?”, asked Afrasiabi. On the other hand, Israel rushed all the passengers back to Israel early next morning and did not allow the Bulgarian investigators to interview them. Israel also quickly sent bodies back home before Bulgarian authorities had any chance to conduct an autopsy.

“Israel did not give passports and identification and the Israelis were able to leave Bulgaria simply based on the pledge by the Israeli ambassador that he “recognized everyone.” In other words, it is perfectly possible that several Israelis who arrived in Burgas on the same airplane and were subsequently announced dead as a result of the explosion may have slipped back to Israel without raising the slightest suspicion,” said Afrasiabi.

“A good deal of evidence exists that suggest the targeted bus was empty and the only passengers hurt were inside the adjacent bus and received light injuries”, added Afrasiabi. He examined “dozens upon dozens of photographs of the Israeli tourists in question, who no doubt would have received much worse facial and other bodily injuries if they were inside the targeted bus”.

Actually, Israel has carried out false flag operations for a long time. In 1986, Israeli commandos installed an antenna in Tripoli in order to carry out a provocation against Libya. Victor Ostrovsky -a former Mossad agent- wrote in his book “By way of deception” that “by the end of March of that year, the Americans were already intercepting messages broadcast by the Trojan -a special communication device that could be planted by naval commandos deep inside enemy territory- which was only activated during heavy communication traffic hours. Using the Trojan, the Mossad tried to make it appear that a long series of terrorist orders were being transmitted to various Libyan embassies around the world . As the Mossad had hoped, the transmissions were deciphered by the Americans and construed as ample proof that the Libyans were active sponsors of terrorism”.

Another expert, Michael Collins Piper wrote in the American Free Press that “on October 3, 1980, a synagogue on Copernicus Street in Paris was bombed. Four people were killed. Nine were injured. The media frenzy which followed the incident was worldwide. Reports held that “right wing extremists” were responsible. Yet, of all the “right wing extremists” held for questioning, none was arrested. In fact, all were released. In the upper echelons of French intelligence, however, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the Mossad.”

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