Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Believe in the holocaust(s)

"As a Jew, I must live with the fact that the civilization I inherited ... encompasses the call for genocide in its canon."

Jerusalem-based Holocaust Studies Professor Yehuda Bauer

But only those holocausts which have been proven to have occurred and not the one that is the world's biggest con job and very lucrative money-making racket.

The deliberate ritualized murder over one million Irish during the 1840's potato blight famine, courtesy of the Rothschilds in not-so-great Britain.

The 'pacification' of the Philippine Islands, based on the False Flag of the USS Maine sinking, and the resulting deaths of over one million Filipinos, starting in 1899.

The 1914-23 murder of close to one million in the Assyrian Genocide, led by the Young Turks who were a front for USSR Communist Jews. One of the Bolshevik Jews favorite pastimes was burning Armenian Christians in church.

The 1914-15 murder of over 1.5 million Armenians, a sadistic spectacle led the Young Turks, who were a Bolshevik Jew front.

The post WWII mass murder of million of Germans, courtesy of the Allied Powers, the USSR, Rothschild controlled England and Zionist controlled America.

Operation Keelhaul a Disgraceful Chapter in American History

The often ignored holocaust of the Native Americans, which lasted around 500 years. Exact numbers are impossible, but a good estimate is around 25 million indigenous people were slaughtered in North America.

Where's their reparations or holocaust museums?

And the really big one, the butchery of over 66 MILLION Russians by Bolshevik Jews, determined to bring the bastard offspring of Zionism, Communism, to Russia.

The above is a small sampling of TRUE holocausts thru history and doesn't go into the slaughters in Central America or Africa, but this link does.

Nor do I detail the USA led murder of close to 1.5 MILLION Iraqi's based on Zionist lies by these Jewish instigators or the mass murder of Afghanistani's, Libyans, Syrians, Pakistanis and gold rich African countries who are going to get a visit from state sanctioned terrorists from the USA and France.

Question the Zionist holocau$t and this clown says you're crazy.


  1. The other night we watched a World War II movie from 1980 "The Big Red One" with Lee Marvin.

    It was OK until the end when the soldiers entered a 'concentration camp' in Czechoslovakia and found a row of ovens with half charred remains of jews. The word jew was never spoken but the holocaust idea was planted/reinforced.

    There is a wikipedia page with a list of movies that deal directly with the holocaust but ones like 'red one' that slip in the narrative are omitted. Never miss an opportunity has been Hollywood's calling for a long time.

  2. Yep, I've noticed that too.

    The movie "The Adjustment Bureau' slyly slips in a reference to the holocau$t and fascism, but they don't say anything about communism.


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