Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Israel is a Psychotic State of Hate, Run by Lunatics and Supported by Maniacs


Israel Getting Ready to Re-Invade Gaza?

Now that Israel is back to firing rockets from Gaza back onto 'StolenLand,' it won't be long before they ramp up another sadistic invasion of Gaza or Lebanon. The Zionist Occupation Forces are already carving out more chunks from Syria, using the USA-Israel-Britain instigated war to hide their thefts.

By firing a rocket into Israel, Israeli CRIME MINISTER BETTY NUTTYAHOO was able to use that as an excuse to shut down a vital crossing into Gaza that food had been shipped thru.

That paragon of peace, the Unholy Nations, or UN, lashed out at Palestinians for the alleged attack, but only humbly asked Israel to investigate itself in the torture and murder of Arafat Jaradat.

When the napalm starts dropping and the bombs, shells and missiles from Israel start killing, we must never forget that we've been here before.

Proof that Israel LIES about those rocket attacks.

Gaza War Tourism "Cleanse The Land"

Israeli war crime in Gaza: Israeli soldiers kidnapped Arab men for use as human shields

British news video shows how Israeli soldiers abused and beat Palestinian civilians in Gaza in January 2009. Israeli soliders kidnapped, beat and used Arab young in Gaza as human shields.

The following video really pisses me off, since at one time, I was a paramedic and was dispatched into dangerous situations, but nothing like getting deliberately shot at by Zionist punks.

War crime: Israeli attacks on medics, ambulances and hospitals in Gaza

Israel Wants Iran's Banks

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