Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Would You Believe 4 million dead? How about 1.1 million? No, How about 9 Million?

Round and round and round we go and where the magical kabbalistic number stops, no one knows for sure.


Auschwitz Death Toll Ups and Downs

These clips are from:

Nuit et Brouillard (Night and Fog, title used in the English-speaking world) 1955 documentary, shown in France's colleges and other secondary schools as well as on French television over the last 50 years.

US television series 'In Search Of...' episode entitled 'Angel of Death' first broadcasted in February 1979

BBC documentary series the Ascent of Man, first broadcasted in 1973

BBC drama/documentary series 'Auschwitz - The Nazis And The Final Solution' from 2005

If viewing this made you feel dirty, you can always use this kind of soap to wash yourself clean!

"Would You Believe 7 Million Killed at Auschwitz?"

"Would You Believe 800,000 Jews Died at Auschwitz?"

"How about 2.5 Million dead Jews during WWII?"

Choose from a variety of numbers, you be 'da judge of how many 'Tribe' members died during WWII!

World Banking System Needs the Inflated Numbers of the holocau$t to survive and if you don't believe that, you're just a vile, filthy anti-Semite!

Word of warning: Be careful when doing research in this area of the holocau$t, since your computer's browser will start acting strange and shutting down.


  1. I believe the Central Banks and Obama as a UN Puppet will be responsible for the biggest genocide ever if we don't do something. One of the best videos educating people about how the Central Banks are the perpetrators of war crimes and murders, I embedded on my blog today. It is called "All Wars are Bankers' Wars"

  2. I agree. Obama is nothing more than a front man for a sinister cabal of blood-thirsty jackals who can't get enough wealth and power, and have no qualms about murdering people to get their way, which is dressed up as some kind of war bringing 'democracy and freedom.'

  3. Who cares about all those innocent Russian, Ukrainian, and other Eastern European White Christians that were murdered by the Jew Bolsheviks? Who cares about all those innocent German men, women, and children murdered by Allied fire-bombing, Soviet atrocities, and other barbaric policies enacted by the Allies during and after WWII? Shit, who even cares about all the Americans that died fighting that fratricidal war against their racial brethren in Germany?!

    It's all about da Joooos, right? The poor, innocent, persecuted Joooos!

    LOL, I for one have had enough of this manufactured sob story.


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