Friday, March 8, 2013

Goodbye, Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee, the leader and blazing fast blues guitarist with the 1970's band "Ten Years After" has cashed in his chips.

Alvin was one of the best blues-rock guitar slingers. It was always a joy to listen to his fret work.

If you want a good sampling of Alvin Lee and TYA, the album "Rock and Roll Music to the World" is a good place to start. Both of the following songs are from that work.

Here's one of my favorite Alvin Lee and Ten Years After song, "Religion." Short, beautiful and very evocative. In other words, no Bullshit.

I never really understood religion
Except it seems a good excuse to kill
I never really could make a decision
I don't suppose I ever really will
I can't relate to any power structure
Where ego is the driving energy
I let mine go long, long time ago, now
When I decided that I would be free
Only thing I understand is living
The biggest sacrifice to make is death
Once you're dead, there's nothing left for giving
The life means fighting your every breath

One good song deserves another!

Ten Years After - Turned Off T V Blues


  1. I really enjoyed that song, "Religion," Greg -- I've never heard it before (slightly before my time). Thanks.

  2. Jody, if you liked "Religion," yoo ought to listen to the whole record.

    Before your time? Aarrrgh! Am I showing me age?


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