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"Here a holocau$t, There a holocau$t, Everywhere a ..."

Jewish Holocaust fraud exposed.....
"It's true because it's my imagination!"

After 60 Years and Many More Billions!

To: The Simon Wiesenthal Center Library & Archive
From: m.f@zoomtown.com
Sent: 05/11/04 09:11AM
Subject: List of names?

Dear Simon Wiesenthal Center,

I was looking for the online database of the 6 million names of people who died at the Nazi death camps. I figured that there has to be such a site in today's information age and with the careful documenting of such things. I was wondering if you could give me this link?


From: "Library Mailbox"
Date: 2004/05/11 Tue PM 08:06:02 GMT
To: m.f@zoomtown.com
Subject: Re: List of names?

Thank you for your email inquiry. As of this writing, there is no database of 6 million names. Yad Vashem is planning to release approximately one million names on a database sometime this year and has plans to include several million more in the future. Please go to: www.yadvashem.org.il for details.

Very truly yours,
The Simon Wiesenthal Center Library & Archives
And the LIE still continues.

When one goes to the Yad Vashem site today and tries to access their alleged database of holocau$ted Jews, "One may view the complete lists on the Yad Vashem website - in the Shoah-Related Lists Database."

One gets this reply: "The requested URL was rejected. Please contact our support."

"There's no Business like SHOAH Business!!!"

Like holocau$t frauds masquerading as charities. New York alone has 45 documented.

"Google" holocaust charities in the USA and you'll come up with nearly SIX million hits. 6 million, huh, where have I heard that number before?

You can go to the 'godfather' of these scams, the United States holocau$t Museum and they'll try and shake you down for a $5,000 yearly minimum to keep alive lies.

Click here to see a PARTIAL listing of various holocau$t laws passed in the USA to protect fraudsters scamming the public. Over 26, but the list is only updated to 1999.

Holocau$t fraudsters keep the con game going, especially when it involves looting gold, even if ALL the gold taken by Nazis during WWII was already recovered.

I wonder if the missing gold in the FED and the empty vaults at Ft. Knox were emptied to give to these con artists?

And if those 'death camps' really existed. then why go to all the trouble of performing autopsies on dead inmates?

Too bad we can't ask Commandant Karl-Otto Koch, the Nazi head of Buchenwald. Can't ask Herr Karl because the Nazis executed him for mistreating prisoners. Does that sound like some Jewish Death Machine in action?

Maybe the Red Cross is the most truthful about this sorry state of affairs, since they have been looking for victims of the holocau$t and WWII since 1939. Their number?


Just don't try and get too exact with your question, like asking for a "list of holocaust victims," since this is the reply:

Your search - list of holocaust victims - did not match any documents. No pages were found containing "list of holocaust victims".

Gitta Sereny, the Jewish holocaust historian admits: "Auschwitz, despite its emblematic name, was NOT primarily an extermination camp for the Jews and is not the central case through which to study extermination." - The New Statesman, November 2 1979. She also said:

"Why on earth have all these people made Auschwitz into a sacred cow ... A terrible place -- but it was not an extermination camp." - The Times, London, Aug. 29, 2001.
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

Swindler’s List: A Brief Look at the Holocaust Reparations Racket

The Myth of the Six Million

"There's NO business like SHOAH business....."

H/T to andie531.


  1. http://just-another-inside-job.blogspot.se/2007/06/official-records-from-international-red.html

    271,301 total concentration camp deaths during WWII according to the independant International Red Cross.

  2. If you go to red cross site and click on qustions, at the bottom you get this:

    'Q.Does the Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center serve only Jews?

    A. No. The Holocaust and War Victims Tracing Center serves anyone who wishes to obtain documentation or learn the fates of loved ones missing since the Holocaust or WWII. The criteria for accepting a case is that the separation occurred in Europe between 1933 and 1957 as a result of Nazi actions.

    It is well known that the Nazis and their collaborators imprisoned or killed more than 11 million people including 6 million Jews who were especially targeted for extermination. Polish Catholics, clergy, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Ukrainians, Russian soldiers, homosexuals, and the disabled were also targets for forced labor, medical experiments, and murder.'


  3. Contented, you sound like a parrot, but I guess that's the job of Israeli apologists who work for Megaphony or JIDF or the Foreign Ministry.

    Get your lackeys in the US Congress to make holocau$t discussion against the law, like you've done in other countries.


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