Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Holocau$t Fraud

Book review - The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century's Biggest Lie

I just googled "holocaust survivor fraud" and 476,000 results came up. An incredible number of Jews have been caught lying about their experience during WWII, not to mention some of the claims are just so ridiculous they are laughable.
That number has now increased to 589,000. A big growth industry for the ultimate con.

Holocau$t math. See how the number 5 magically becomes the number 100! Amazing!!!

Irene Zisblatt is a prime example of a big time Holohoaxer and liar. Eric Hunt's "The Last Days of the Big Lie" is excellent and exposes many of these Holohoax actors, check it out if you haven't.
Your Tax Dollars at work perpetuating the fraud on law enforcement officials. Why do gun-toting US cops need to be 'holocau$tinized?' To keep us GOY in line who ask too many questions about this fraud?
Since 1999, the USHMM also provides public service professionals, including law enforcement officers, military personnel, civil servants and federal judges with ethics lessons based in Holocaust history. In partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, more than 21,000 law enforcement officers from worldwide and local law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and local police departments have been trained to act in a professional and democratic manner.
Holocau$t fraud goes digital in an effort to keep that money rolling in! Must be sure of having an endless supply of suckers.
The USHMM has partnered with Apple Inc. to publish free podcasts on iTunes about the Holocaust, anti-semitism, and genocide prevention. It also has its own channel on YouTube, an official account on Facebook, a Twitter page, and an e-mail newsletter service.
Check this list of holocau$t fantasy worlds in France. Guess it's just a coincidence that France's economy is imploding due to grand theft, just like the USA's?
What's all this mean? If you don't already know the answer, you will when one of these fuckers pulls up to your front door and demands you hand over your self-defense weapons.


Some of these freedon-smashing monsters are manufactured by an Israeli firm. No surprise there, since that State of Hate rules this conquered nation.

Does anyone know what kind of tires these monsters have? If the tires are pneumatic, then that's their weak spot, as they are heavily armored and can withstand small weapons fire up to and including .50 caliber.

"Death from Above" for us GOYIM who won't be allowed to live in the New World Order.

Forum member Glitch reports seeing an armed predator drone in St Croix County Wisconsin

The Jew con game of central banking must be preserved, even if that means destroying the USA in the process.

The six million number con game timeline

Jewish Girl Plays Holocaust Card. Turns On Fake Tears..... This is the type of sanity that scares the hell out of the holocau$t fraudsters, when us GOY start thinking for ourselves.

P.S. That recent story about thousands and thousands more Nazi concentration camps suddenly found is stunning. Do those fuckers never tire of lying? Whenever I lied as a kid and got caught, I'd get my ass blistered good.

Once I tried to cover-up the original lie with another lie and got an even worse ass-whupping for lying about the lie. It didn't take too many beatings for lies to realize there's no future in that scam.

I lie a little as an adult but try and keep them little lies, like "No officer, I didn't know the speed limit was 55 on this road."


  1. According to this video

    the tires on the beast are run flat with a solid core that can take round penetration and keep on going.

    Maybe need to find another weak point.

    I wonder when we're going to see the Israeli type Caterpillar dozers around here? DHS may need those too.

    Just heard that Alvin Lee of Ten Years After has died. He was 68.

  2. "In 1986 Shmuel Krakowski, then archives director of Yad Vashem, the international center for holocaust documentation in Jerusalem, told the Jerusalem Post that of the 20,000 testimonies he had on hand from alleged "survivors" of the holocaust most of them were untrustworthy, fraudulent, lacking support or in some way untruthful"

    The above is a quote from a piece I am working on about the loss of freedom of speech regarding this very topic in New Zealand.

    "Our dear friends" have their claws around every corner of the "British Empire".... er, ooops, "The Common Wealth" (Oh I could have fun with THAT name).

    Pity about Alvin Lee... Goin Home was one of the great songs back then. Absolutely nasty guitar work although I prefer dirtier slower guitar myself.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention, our dear friends are now making holograms of the remaining "survivors" so that they can interact with people for eternity so that we never forget. Check it out, posted a vid of it the other day. They really need to all have ... every one of them.... a frontal lobotomy.

    And the illustrations and newfound maps of these new camps comes courtesy of the Holocost Museum and Weisel so you KNOW they must be very accurate down to the last portapotty.

    I imagine with modern medicine they could find a "Jewish" centre in the human brain and it could be surgically removed. Oh lord, what a wonderful dream!

  4. Damn, Alvin Lee's dead? Fantastic blues guitarist that could really set the stage on fire.

    His song "Religion" is a mother.


  5. Holocaust charities - these are just the ones that didn't file a return:

    NY has over 40 with holocaust in the title


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