Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holocau$t Slang

Zionist Israel: What the world should know

Holocaust--hol·o·cau$t (hl-kô$t, hl-)
1. Term used to explain the extortion of hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth from clueless GOYIM, resulting in a massive dumbing down of an entire society, like what has happened in the USA.

2. Used to give cover to the Khazar invasion of Palestine and the subsequent land thefts, murders and continuing subjugation of the indigenous Palestinians.

3. Holocau$t is also used to wage endless wars against mostly Muslim nations, to help cover up the perpetual looting of wealth from the GOYIM.

The term Holocau$t has been used so many times, it has become a popular part of the lexicon, or 'slang' language. For instance:

"Johnny, next time you take a holocau$t, be sure to flush the toilet!"

"Oh yeah, well you can go holocau$t yourself!"

"Those guys saw me coming and gave me a good holocau$ting!"

"Mommy, why does that Rabbi want to holocau$t on my pee-pee?"

"Yeah, I know that clown and he's a real holocau$thead!"

"Holocau$t off, I don't need your crap!"

"Dude, that must of been a huge dog, look at the size of that pile of holocau$t!"

"You son of a holocu$t, learn how to drive!"

"Dear, the plumber says that a huge chunk of holocau$t is stuck in the sewer pipe!"

"Kiss my holocau$t!"

"If he thinks he's going to holocau$t me, he's in for a surprise!"

"OMG, I just stepped in a BIG pile of holocau$t!"

Russia to declare asking questions about the holocau$t to be VERBOTEN!

America's Smithsonian awash with holocau$t fraud.


  1. Fine two video finds Greg.

    My belief is 271,301 total died in all the German work camps during WWII.

    They died mostly of disease and starvation - none died in gass chambers.

    There were ca 2,000,000 Khazarian "jews" in Europe total during WWII.

    The 6,000,000 number comes from the Talmud calling for a burnt offering before a new Israel rises to rule the world.

    Holocau$t is an appropriate moniker for this zionist Khazarian fraud.

  2. The number 6 is mucho important to the Khazar hucksters. They're back trying to scam Swiss banks AGAIN with a bill for more money, SIX billion bucks.

    An excellent site that documents many of these cons is at:

  3. Great story, Greg. Busting up laughing.
    One of favorites is Les Visible's. "Gee mom, can I have a McHolocaust burger,fries, and a Coke?".


  4. "Gee mom, can I have a McHolocaust burger,fries, and a Coke?"

    Would that be 'freedom fries?'


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