Monday, March 18, 2013

If I were President...

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On the first day in office....

I would end ALL the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' that have been raging for at least two decades. Troops would be coming home from Iraq; Syria; Libya; Yemen; Mali; Nigeria; Pakistan and Afghanistan. And wherever else our sold-out, corupted and traitorous government has sent in the Pentagon's death machines.

I would also begin closing nearly all of our overseas military installations, since that money is need here at home, taking care of the hundreds of thousand of vets that have sustained physical or psychological damage. Money that could be used to make sure our elderly don't have to choose between paying doctor bills or paying the rent.

The Pentagon's budget would be immediately slashed and brought back to pre-9/11 levels. The money saved would be used to pay reparations to all the millions and millions of people in the ME and SW Asia we have wronged.

On the second day in office.....

Since we are no longer engaged in fighting endless wars for nefarious, obscure goals, I would put an end to the illegal and immoral Federal Reserve. There's no sane reason why Americans should be forced to pay interest to a collection of private banking families, a fee that is charged to BORROW OUR OWN MONEY. Stopping this lunacy would free up at least 300 billion a year, money that could be used to rebuild our shattered infrastructure.

I would also impanel a Federal Grand Jury, with an unlimited budget and subpoena powers to thoroughly investigate the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

On the third day in office....

I would direct the Attorney General of the USA to begin breaking up those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks that have been systematically wrecking the economy thru their felonious ways. Banks that have been engaged in money laundering or running illegal drugs or selling weapons or financial improprieties would have their entire assets confiscated. Money stolen from Americans that could be used to rebuild our obsolete, falling apart schools.

On the fourth day....

I would be assassinated.


  1. Well Greg, you or anyone else with these kinds of sane policies have my vote and that of millions of others.

    How to keep that person safe is undoubtedly an unanswered question. Maybe the first thing to do would be to use their own laws to round up several thousand suspects at the top of the money crime syndicate and put them where they can give no orders or access any of their ill gotten gains. Speedy trials for crimes against humanity should soon follow.

  2. Speedy trials for crimes against humanity should soon follow

    With no appeal process when found guilty.

    Straight to a Super Max prison or the gallows, the proper way to deal with traitors.

  3. Here is the thing Greg
    On the first day, you round the bastards up...
    As many as you can.
    (which means you gotta have your intel in place)
    And put the world out of their misery and usurious ways
    I can't vote for you, but if I could, I would

  4. Try this on for size:

  5. The video I did for this was re-uploaded:


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