Wednesday, March 20, 2013

President Obama Rushed to Hospital

Pictured below are the criminals, gangsters, psychopaths, thieves, murderers, liars and antisocial elements of Ice Age times, who now are in control of Israel, the City of London and the USA.

 photo neanderthal-war-path_zps3a741b90.jpg

Jerusalem-President Obama, visiting Israel for the first time as the American President, was today rushed to Jerusalem Hospital. His staff said the president was having trouble breathing.

Dr. Ima Aardiron, the attending physician, stated that the president was suffering from massive skid marks to his trachea, the tube that people use to breathe. "In my 37 years as a ENT specialist, I have never seen such damage to a person's trachea. Only one case, that of former U.S. president GW Bush, came even close, but luckily for Mr. Bush, he had numerous callouses built up on his trachea from past encounters with Israeli officials that helped him get thru the trauma."

President Obama was getting ready to give a speech on America's unbreakable alliance with Israel when the medical emergency happened. "He just started spitting up this ugly looking white goo that most thought was sputum, but I've seen that stuff before and knew he was regurgiating PM Netanyahu's missiles of love," said Avi Lieberman, who recently resigned from his post and is facing charges of money laundering and corruption.

"They're not JEWS, they're are Zionists"

Jews have Neanderthal DNA

Neanderthal 'Scooter' Libby, formerly Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, wrote a pornographic pedophile novel in 1996 called "The Apprentice," that also includes rape and bestiality.

Jesus Fucking Christ, what kind of monsters are in charge of the world?

Libby's REAL surname?


Irving “Scooter” Libby, Dick Cheney's chief of staff wrote this bestiality and child porn novel.

Wadda a guy!

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