Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to Hell

Dante's Hell Documented - The Preview

In Dante's Hell, the worst circles are reserved for con artists, ass-kissers, fraudulent politicians, hypocrites, thieves and TRAITORS.

The real 'Axis of Evil,' Israel, the USA and England, are turning Syria into a living hell, proclaiming the same old bullshit about bringing freedom to Syrians, when all they're doing is unleashing destruction, misery and death upon another predominantly Muslim nation.

The 'Teleprompter in Chief,' Barry Sotero, has consigned the poor souls at another hell on Earth, Guantanamo, to a lifetime of torture, grief and isolation with no hope of getting back home.

The international mob of bankster gangsters have put into motion their plan to loot money from personal bank accounts around the world, starting in Cyprus, which is just a tune-up for the real steal, in Europe and the USA.

And what does the American news media obsess with? The time honored distraction of gay marriage.

Click on this JOOGLE link to get over 2 BILLION hits on 'gay marriage.'

Welcome to Hell, hope you enjoy your stay
Get comfortable, it's too late to pray

Welcome to Hell, glad you're here
We love our GOYIM steers

Welcome to Hell, all you couch potato types
Shut the fuck up, we don't want your gripes

Welcome to Hell, it's not that bad
You've got company, don't be sad

Welcome to Hell, you mental midgets
When you feel this pitchfork, don't fidget

Welcome to Hell, take a look around
Then on your knees, your ass I will pound


xxxoooxxx Satan

See you soon!

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