Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FREE PALESTINE and America from the Zionist Terror Masters

“Inch’Allah,” Anais Barbeau-Lavalette’s feature about Israel-Palestine, may be the strongest effort yet to convey the emotions of the supercharged struggle over land and dignity in the present period. For nearly a half-century, those who wanted justice in Palestine hoped that some representation of their narrative could reach the screen. They lived in the shadow, of course, of the epochal power of “Exodus,” probably the most effective propaganda film in world history. A great many years ago I recall Andrew Sarris telling a Columbia film class that the Palestinians were enthused when Jean-Luc Godard got funding to make a movie about their struggle, but were disappointed by the results. What they had in mind was something like a modern western, with the fedayeen in the role of heroic good guys, a project which was never really in the French auteur’s wheelhouse.

“Inch’Allah” can’t boast the star power of Jean-Luc Godard or Julian Schnabel; its director, Barbeau-Lavalette, is young and highly regarded in the Quebec film world, but not any sort of household name. But her movie deserves the hopes and access to screens granted to “Miral,” and more. It is a tough, gritty, and intense portrayal of Palestinian life under the occupation and the moral dilemmas faced by those—like the Canadian doctor played by the gorgeous Evelyne Brochu—who get involved trying to help them. The Palestinians, three generations ago a rural and pacific people, have been ghettoized and hardened. More than any movie I’ve seen, “Inch’Allah” conveys the something of the feel of Palestinian life, sarcastic and bitter in the younger generations, old-fashioned in the older ones, trying cope under a system of domination and control far more sophisticated than anything South Africans could dream up.

“Inch’Allah” has been consigned to film festival purgatory; I saw its single showing at Filmfest D.C. It was released last fall in Canada, and there is no guarantee that it will make into American theaters. This would be a tremendous shame.

"Consigned to film purgatory?" Now who would do something like that, wiping the film "off the face of the Earth?"

Welcome to the never-ending nightmare of occupation America. A fact of life that has been decimating Palestinians since Israel was spawned 65 years ago.

The bankster gangsters that are destroying this nation in plain sight are the real terrorists, but that's something you'll never find out from the brainwashing outlets like ZNN or FAUX.

Jeff ZUCKER runs ZNN, which has a former(?) CIA agent spinning the 'news' as well as a die-hard Israeli loyalist in its prime time slot 'blitzing' the slop into your minds.

FAUX is owned by a die hard Zionist who is a Tribe member.

And this is what passes for news outlets in the USA?

Time to wake up, America and realize you're being conned by sleazy collection of liars, con artists, thieves, murderers, false flag experts and pity junkies that have been stealing our wealth and tricking us into wars and will continue to use our kids as cannon fodder and rob us blind, while hiding behind psyops, False Flags, endless terror threats they manufacture, but blame on others and a corrupt, and sold out federal government that doesn't give a damn about you, your family or our country, they only exist to serve the Tel Aviv Terror Masters.


  1. 'Blitzing' the slop, love it. I'm surprised though that they even released it in our menorah infested little country. Inch'Allah - God is great.

  2. Blitz slops if in a 'fast and furious' manner, all the while you can see the hatred for us GOYIM he has ine his souless eyes.

  3. Sometimes I punish myself by watching CNN. Goose flesh from the start, not in a good way. Soulless eyes, no doubt one of the zombies.


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