Friday, April 5, 2013

Holocau$t Shakedown Day Now a Full Week

The holocaust before the holocaust

The liars, grifters, con artists, thieves, psychos, mass-murderers, tyrants and haters of GOY freedom have turned 'holocau$t remembrance day' into a full week of groveling, ass-kissing, extortion and propaganda.
Week long? More like an endless worship of this porn, mandated by ZioCONS intent on ruling the world.
This year, the spectacle starts April 8 in the USA in the US Capitol Rotunda.

Will Israel celebrate by bombing the hell out of Gaza or Lebanon?

The Khazars infesting Palestine won't stop their terrorist activities on a Jew holy day, but they will stop giving cancer treatments to a Palestinian prisoner on a Talmud Terrorist holy day.

Regardless of the FACT that the holocau$t is the biggest lie of history, the Talmudic Terror Masters are charging full speed ahead, skillfully picking our pockets of what little money we have left, hiding behind more lies about their sick fairy tale.

This whole con game permeates every aspect of existence, even greeting cards.

Or holocau$t souvenirs, if that's the type of brain-washing you prefer.

Maybe you're into FAKE holocau$t mementos? Or just want to cash in on all that GOY loot that's been stolen to pay off these hucksters, no matter how BIG the lie?

Perhaps you're some college student, desperately trying to please your yarmulke wearing professor, so you need to write a paper on the holocas$t. If you pick the fraud known as Anne Frank, click here and there are 1,000 term papers you can choose from!

On the Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther

The real 'Final Solution' will be the implosion of the USA, due to financial frauds, Wall Street thefts, Federal Reserve con games and fighting endless wars for Israel.

 photo taxpayers_zps562c175d.gif

"Merry Holocau$t!"

How about a holocau$t LEGO set for the kiddies!

From a tip from Noor, you can now browse the holocau$t version of Ebay!

Such a good deal!



    No one ever accused them of having good taste.

  2. Dang girl, you're up early, but there's no rest when digging up Zionist mischief.

  3. This would make a good video.


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