Sunday, April 28, 2013

Treasury Department to Let Charmin Print Dollar Bills

Washington--In a move to cut costs at the Treasury Department, Yacob Lew, Treasury Department head, issued a press release stating that henceforth, Charmin will be the sole printer of U.S. currency.

Neal Wolin, Deputy Secretary said that Mr. Lew had more than cost-cutting in mind when he signed the order that will let Charmin print U.S. currency. "At the rate the Federal Reserve is issuing money, soon the Fed notes that Americans hold will become worthless. But now that Charmin will start printing the currency, Americans can start using the bills as toilet paper when they are no longer accepted at stores."

"Charmin is the leader in the field of backside waste removal, so it was a good fit to let them start printing the 'dual-purpose' bills."

Wolin added that this was not a reflection on government policy, just a smart move to save taxpayer's money.

4.27.13 photo dollar-toliet-paper_zpsd9674007.jpg

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that's trillion, with a "t") worth of financial instruments. When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it "dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets."

That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother. Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world's largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess. Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world's largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.

Interest-rate swaps are a tool used by big cities, major corporations and sovereign governments to manage their debt, and the scale of their use is almost unimaginably massive. It's about a $379 trillion market, meaning that any manipulation would affect a pile of assets about 100 times the size of the United States federal budget.
Adding up the two gigantic numbers that those 'Too Big to JAIL' Wall Street banks have been fooling with in their latest cons amounts to 879 trillion, which is close to the next mind-fuck number, quadrillion, this number: 1,000,000,000,000,000, which is 10 to the 15th power.
I can't grasp the magnitude of the size of that number, but I can grasp that all those Wall Street banks that are making tons of money off fleecing people, are going to either crash the economy permanently or make the dollar bill worthless, either way, it's bad news.


  1. At some point we will experience such a crash that no one (even some of us that are paying attention) could have ever imagined.

    You can bet your ass that the bankers who did it will still live like kings, while the rest of us suffer. No, better than kings and we will serve them with gratitude.

    They are draining the wealth out of this once great country and when it is shriveled completely up, we will welcome whatever harsh solutions they provide, just to feed our families.

    How long before that takes place?

    I'm not sure, but it is ready to happen at any moment (I suspect this year or early next). When they feel they have gotten as much as they can, it will come crashing down in such a fast motion that most will be ill prepared for it.

  2. When the next 'bubble' blows up, it will be a massive explosion that will shock even those who have been prepping for that day.

  3. There is a very interesting take and attempt to explain what's happening in the financial arena at zerohedge. Comment by TwoShortPlanks (4th comment down)

    I really have to study it.

  4. Interesting comment, but it boils down to this: The TBTF banks are broke, they can't cover all the illegal bets they've made between each other and when they start going bust, people's bank accounts will be raided to prop up those thieving entities.

    Notice how what happened in Cyprus got wiped off the map, thanks to what happened in Boston?

    Now that the American sheeple are properly scared shitless again, they'll be ripe for picking, jsut don't ask any questions, since this is a 'National Security' issue.


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