Monday, April 15, 2013

What a Condom Built for Muslim Men Looks Like

The poor dear! This 'chosenite' bought a Muslim condom to see what they looked like and when he saw the size of that thing, he decided to wear it for a body wrap so others couldn't see the shame in his face for having such a widdle fiddle.

 photo jewish-man_zps695bd83b.jpg

In the end, everything turned out, since the condom built for Muslim men was used as designed; it sheated a GIANT PRICK.

Israel, AKA "fuck you I was here first"-land, it's in the book written by some Jews, so it must be true, that's what our G-d said!

Yes, Israelis are so fucked up they bow to Hitler for protection while they kill Palestinian children.


  1. OMG I spewed my cocoa all over my screen at your take on that picture. I curse and congratulate you on that one! Thanks I needed that.

  2. That pic was begging for some sarcasm.


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