Saturday, April 27, 2013

White House Correspondents' Annual WhoreFest

The WH Correspondents' Association is holding their annual whorefest in modern day Sodom, AKA as Washington, D.C. Their will be plenty of open mouths ready to please some politician or to laugh at some hack's jokes and spread their butt cheeks in the hope that some mass murdering war criminal, like OBAMA, fills them full of gunk.

The 'celebrities' will also be on hand, like last year's attendees Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian..... did I mention this is a WHOREfest?

GONAD O'Brien will be this year's host.

Attending, besides the groveling weasels that pose as reporters will be numerous 'Tribe' members. On hand to make sure their cattle stay inside the designated pen.
The White House Correspondents' Association hosts their annual dinner. This year's program entertainment is comedian and late night talk show host Conan O'Brien.

The evening starts with live coverage of the red carpet arrivals. Media outlets are joined by top administration and congressional leaders and Hollywood celebrities for the social event. The weekend of unofficial events includes a Saturday morning brunch and a number of before and after parties hosted by media organizations.
Who can forget the previous WhoreFests that gave us such good laughs, like the 2007 one where GW Bush made fun of not finding any WMD's in Iraq, which made for plenty of laughs for the crowd.
I know GW is a joke, but who would of thought that evil, grinning, mass-murdering thief, liar and coked-out, drunken smirking smart-ass was also a comedian?

Too bad all the Iraqi's this phony, two-bit piece of shit murdered couldn't laugh.

Or how about this knee-slapper from the 2010 WhoreFest, where OBOMBA threatened to use Predator Drones against anybody who might approach his daughters.

Obama Jokes About Killing Jonas Brothers With Predator Drones

Who's laughing now since 'King OBOMBA' has granted his royalness the power to use drones against Americans?


  1. Watched some of it, fell asleep, watched a little more. What a show of excess while the rest of the world is either on fire, drowning or being killed.

    Fake smiles, fake laughter over dumb jokes, who the hell do they think they are. Definitely not my kind of people.

    But I'm sure their food was kosher.

  2. The Masters of Terror and Propaganda getting together to congratulate each other for doing such fine work.


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