Friday, April 26, 2013

"Why are so Many Americans Brain Dead?"

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Ask a typical American about 'Obamacare' and you'll get a livid response, with the person getting so damn mad at Obama and his health care plan that their eyes start bugging out, their skin turns red and they look like they're getting ready to have a heart attack. They'll claim that Obama lied thru his teeth to get this Socialist medical plan in place.
For your own safety, it's best you slowly step back from this person after asking the question so you don't become a victim of their righteous rage and need to go to the hospital ER and experience 'Obamacare' firsthand.

Ask many Americans about Obama's birth and they'll swear on a stack of Torah's that he was born in Kenya, was raised a Muslim and is a Commie to boot. Never mind that it doesn't make sense that someone could be a Muslim who believes in God and a Commie who is an atheist, at the same time. After all, this is Amerikkka and god dammit, if you don't like it, then get the fuck out.

And many Americans just know in their hearts that Obama is the Anti-Christ, sent here from Hell to enslave humanity and turn Amerikkka into one huge Gulag, Comrade!

So why, when you ask these same 'gawd fearing Amerikkkans' who was behind the Boston FF, they'll snap to attention, click their heels, and whip off a salute to the flag, and say President Obama is doing a good job protecting us from those' danged Muzzies' who hate us because we're so free?

Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots


Read the comments from the Yahoos in the following article.

Brain Dead Americans are Begging the Government to Shred the Bill of Rights

UPDATE: This is too good to pass!

BOMB SUSPECT HAS THROAT WOUND may never speak again.

Boston Bomb suspect is being treated by Israeli doctor. Apparently our own American doctors aren't capable. Tsarnaev came down with Chronic Patsy Syndrome (CPS) which is only treatable by removing your larynx.


  1. Dang, this is beginning to sound like Planet of the Apes! Notice in this picture, we have Tsarnaev climbing into the boat, with no apparent wound to the throat. In this picture, he's being taken away in an ambulance with an obvious injury to the head/neck area. Tsarnaev was unarmed while he was in the boat, there was no gun found nearby.

    I remember Piers Morgan interviewing one of Djohar's (that's the way he spells his name on twitter, sometimes even Johar) friends, asking her if he had a Russian accent. And she said no. And I'm thinking, that's right, Piers, he's more "American" than you, he has his citizenship plus he probably sounds like a born and bred Boston boy, there's no way they can allow him to have contact with the public or they'll realize everything the alphabet agencies want to do to this kid (take away his rights, ship him to Gitmo, etc.) is something the government can just as easily do to them in the future.

  2. I liked the pic of DT with the Justin Bieber haircut, but that one got dumped into the 'Memory Hole,' since it didn't fit the narrative.

    Another give away that this was a planned psyops was that those poor people in West, Texas, the ones that got blown to bits by that fertilizer plant?

    They got a little coverage, then back to endless 'reporting' on the BFF, even though there was at least six times more dead and a whole part of a town wiped off the face of the Earth.

  3. Greg - it s Carol - I got something wrong yesterday. Take this as a public apology. I have been put right by an old friend to whom I am indebted. I got it wrong. I hope all is well at your end if necessary please email me on
    Sincerest regards, Carol.

  4. Apology accepted.

    Now let's focus on the real enemies to truth and freedom, DC, the Fed and Israel.

  5. You can explain that to Americans over and over and it doesn't sink in. Bama is still a muslim. etc.

  6. Greg. Thanks and Well said.

    En avant.


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