Friday, May 3, 2013

"9/11, What is Your Emergency?"

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"9/11, What is your emergency?"

"I'd like to report some suspicious activities that I'm supposed to report as a loyal American."

"Yes Sir, what do you wish to report?"

"There's some planes flying overhead spraying toxic chemicals into the air we breathe. Unknown party's are putting a toxic industrial byproduct called fluoride into our drinking water.
At the airport, there are these sinister looking thug sexually molesting people and irradiating them with massive doses of X-rays. The vaccine the government says I must make my child have is filled with various poisons and now the government wants me to start spying on my neighbors. And now my bank is stealing my money from my checking account!"

"But sir, those are much needed precautions to keep you safe from the terrorists!"

"But, what I described are serious emergencies and I would like..."

"Sir, I believe that you are facing some kind of threat and to help you decide what that threat is, I've sent a VIPR team to your place, expect them any minute now. And a copy of this call will be sent to the Department of Homeland Security's database that helps the government track the real threats to liberty, freedom and the American way."

"But, but, I was...Just a minute, someone is pounding on my door. Wait, they've kicked the door in and are pointing machine guns at me and it looks like....."

"Sorry, sir, but we must be prudent when dealing with threats to our great way of life. I'll notify the surviving members of your family, who also will be rounded up for enhanced interrogation."

If you buy a 'night' flashlight, you could be put on the DOJ's terrorist watch list. Night flashlight? WTF? Do they make 'day' flashlights?

The government is so busy spying on Americans, they don't have time to stop the real threats.

Hacker Breached U.S. Army Database Containing Sensitive Information on Dams

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