Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dissecting the French Soldier FALSE FLAG 'Attack'

See if you can pick out the obvious discrepancies in these two Guardian stories about the May 25 'attack' on the French soldier:
French police hunt man who stabbed soldier in Paris May 26, 2013

French anti-terrorist police are searching for a man who stabbed a soldier in the neck in a business neighbourhood west of Paris before fleeing the scene on Saturday night.

The 25-year-old soldier, Private First Class Cedric Cordier, was patrolling in uniform with two other troops in a shopping area adjoining the station at La Défense as part of France's Vigipirate anti-terror surveillance plan.

He was approached from behind at around 6pm and attacked with a knife or box-cutter....

Initial reports said the attacker had said nothing and made no comment during the attack. He is still on the run. News agencies reported that police were hunting for a man who was about 30 years old and possibly of North African origin and bearded.

The area where the attack took place was heavily monitored by CCTV run by the Paris transport network and shopping centre and police are sifting through footage.

The soldier who was attacked was walking behind other soldiers who did not witness the assailant before he fled.
What, no shouting of "Allahu Akbar" or leaving behind so many clues a blind man could follow?

Now the follow up story on May 27, 2013:
French anti-terrorism police hunt man who stabbed soldier

Man reported to have prayed before attacking Cédric Cordier as he patrolled concourse at La Défense train terminal in Paris.

French anti-terrorism investigators are hunting for a bearded man who was reported to have been praying before he stabbed a French soldier outside a busy train terminal.

The man, described as tall and athletic, was spotted on CCTV at the station underneath the business district at La Défense just before the attack on Private First Class Cédric Cordier. The 25-year-old was stabbed in the neck with a knife or box cutter as he patrolled the shopping concourse on Saturday evening. The suspect fled the area after the incident but detectives said they had obtained "high quality images" of him.

"The photos were shown to the two other soldiers who were patrolling with the victim and to four witnesses to the aggression," an official source told Le Parisien newspaper. "They recognised the attacker."
The soldiers were able to identify an attacker whom they did not see? One that used box-cutters? Nice tie-in to the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

No wonder the Guardian isn't allowing comments on this story, since they can't get their lies straight. The May 26 story said the soldiers didn't "witness" the assailant. The May 27 story says now the soldiers recognize the attacker???

The place where this happened, La Défense, is a high-end business district, home to "... no fewer than 1,500 corporate head offices, including those of 15 of the top 50 companies in the world." It's the largest business district in Europe.

With those kind of 'movers and shakers' going to and fro in the complex, they probably have tighter security than the Pentagon to protect all those CEO's. Protecting the head honchos of company's like..

Areva is a French public multinational industrial conglomerate that's involved in uranium mines across the globe and nuclear reactors. They also have a nasty habit of spying on top executives.

Areva is also getting a 2 billion dollar bailout from you, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

The French oil and petrochemical giant Total is also here and they've involved in enough scandal to deserve a blog of their own.

Included in this high-end business district are some multi-national banks, so this place is covered with CCTV, private and government security forces. Banks like AIG and Société Générale, who have pissed off enough people world-wide thru their predatory schemes and thefts to make them ripe targets for any number of disgruntled customers.

Like the Société Générale customers who were involved in some missing gold, several tons worth. And SG's involvement in the credit default swap scam that cost people around the world trillions. Bailed out by their friends in the Federal Reserve, so this 'Three Card Monte' outfit along with AIG, must have made plenty of enemies, there should be no limit to suspects, if it wasn't a FF.

It's easy to see there's an unlimited potential list of suspects, but the best place to look would be some intelligence agency, like say, MOSSAD.

Here's another of those 'coincidences' that tend to show up whenever a certain 'Tribe' is involved.

Jean Sarkozy, son of the former president Nicholas, is a board member of a concern called "Defacto," which provides security to the place where all this took place, La Défense.

Jean married a Jewess and is reportedly converting from Catholicism to Judaism.

Former French president Nicholas Sarkozy is a MOSSAD agent, nicknamed "Sarkozy the Sayan."
"Sayan" is short for sayanim, a pool of Jewish people at the ready who will keep quiet about their actions out of loyalty to “the cause”, a non-risk recruitment system that draws from the millions of Jewish people outside Israel.

Some of the other board members are close friends to "Sarkozy the Sayan."

So, we have the former French president Sarkozy, a MOSSAD agent, appointing close friends and his son to 'DeFacto' that provided 'security' to La Défense, where the incident took place.

Can it get any 'Sarkozier?'

And have you noticed how this incident has dropped from the MSM 'news' cycle? Most stories online are 2-3 days old.

Looks like this false flag is more rotten than whatever is stinking up the state of Denmark.

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