Thursday, May 30, 2013

FOX News to Use Barbie Dolls as Anchors

'Sir' Rupert Before and After Facial Surgery to Improve His Looks

5.27.13 photo slide_246059_1514149_free_zpsae9680f2.jpg

New York--Rupert Murdoch, CEO, COO and HMFIC of Fox News announced today that his prime time news cable shows on FOX will start using life size Barbie dolls as anchors on their popular news shows.

"The job of a female anchor on FOX is not very demanding," said Mr. Murdoch. "They need to be pretty, have shapely legs and a well proportioned chest to keep our clueless males viewers hanging on their every word. It doesn't matter if the male viewer is actually listening to what is being said, what matters is that they tune in to Fox. After we hook them with sexy anchors, we can subliminally insert Zionist propaganda continually so that the victim, uhh, I mean viewer will become a steadfast supporter of Israel."

"Currently we have a number of Fox Barbie dolls training at our secret Florida studio, where we're working on getting those numbskulls lips synched with the actual reporting voice."

"As you can see from the video, it's more important for our fembots to have good looking legs and to wear a short skirt. That's how we get those ratings to rise, among other things," snickered Mr. Murdoch.

"Another important job qualification is to have a large rack and not be shy about showing those babies off."

"So why should I pay big bucks to some bimbo when I can program Barbie dolls, who work for nothing, to do the same?"


  1. Larry King goes to work for Russia Today, Satanyahude to be interviewed soon. You can never say Russians do not have a sense of humor.

    Never say the Russians do not have a sense of humor, here are a few of the comments from Russia Today, not all of them.

    Larry is more Zionist than Satanyahude.

    bring jesse ventura

    What’s next on RT? WMD in Iran, Assad uses chemical weapons, Israel bombs neighbors in self defence?

    Isn’t he a bit too old for new engagement? – He’s also too old for the Syrian children.

    JJSAYS: I want to see him die a few minutes into the show, so
    we can laugh, that would be fun 2 see

    D2ZD: G.W. Bush has agreed to “manage” RT News, But all staff must wear White cowboy hats!!!!!!!!!!!

    or god’s sake they killed 66 millions of russians with their bolchevik revolution, and you hire one

    Putin asked for Bibi’s permission on last trip with Israeli PM. Larry insisted that he get it first!

    D2ZD: U can’t get more Zionist pro-IsraHELL than L. King. Good move RT! What’s next Karl Rove 4 CEO?

    That’s a creepy picture of Rumsfeld and chode. Who ya gonna hire next? Larry Silverstein?

    So sad. This guy belongs in an oven. I am OUT of here.

    Hopefully truth about the right of Jews to return to their stolen land will finally be heard on RT!

    The Larry King show !!! Brough to you by our wonderful sponsors at the Kremlin! (рuke)

    Let Larry King invite the Рussy Riots? The Russian paymaster will not allow it

    I always thought Larry King was a commie. Now I know.

    Maybe some of RT’s fans want u 2 prop up an embalmed Lenin & have a ‘what would Jesus do?’ moment!

    Americans and their founding fathers bs,shut up with that noise,think you’re free haha de ha

    RT, AlJazeera, Infowars, are all CIA false “alternative media”. Only the brand names differ.

    zionism = talmudic supremacism

    yeah they are as good as henry “dr death squads” kissinger

    Yes, go to Iran. You can split your scalp and let the blood run down your face too.

    Hey goys Grandpa dexter is back.. now U be good little ni g gaz and listen while he tells u stories!

    And here I thought he was already dead…
    @anoni-29.05.2013 21:50: Or how they say we are just animals in human form and their cattle.

    I guess that was just his career.

    Lol, RT is on the way to beat Al Jazera …pity puts shame on Russia. Russia or Zionism Today?

    @20:23″Was this decided at Bilderberg or Bohemian Grove??..”
    that was sharp, very accurate.

    The Larry King show!!!..
    brough t to you by our wonderful sponsors at Monsanto!

    RT please, can We have Zbigniew Brzezinski for the Comedy hour now?

    And next our scientific expert on evolution — the Reverend Pat Robertson!!!

    D2ZD: What’s the difference between RT & Fox? Answer: RT reporters speak with British accents!! LOL

    And our next guest that paragon of virtue and unbiased commentator, Benjamin Netanyahu!

    Next great announcement Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews morning show.

    ” ;Larry King is not afraid to ask the tough questions”….. .Geez, I almost laughed my tail off.

    larry kings interview, Ahmedinejad; more men couple live together in Teheran than total Netherlands

    Question is: Have the Russkies also bought his soul?

    vote on who has the best dictators,my vote is for UK,ours are more subtle and clever,USAs are stupid

    Next RT will be showcasing Jerry Springer, Joan Rivers, Ricki Lake, Maury Povich, etc.

    Proof Satan is in charge, WW3 is coming soon !

    Is it a wonder the oligarky ate all the assets of the Soviet Union, Russians must be dumb !!

    Russians are dumb, oligarky has already taken over RT and the fools dont even know it !!

    Where this god-trainee – Yhw appears , what he creates is Confusion !

    right now,the media has your mind,and mine,it is putting thoughts in our heads which dont belong

  2. I like RT, you'll get more news than from the outhouses called ZNN and FAUX, but it's still propaganda that you have to sift thru for the real stuff.

  3. Oh I agree I find an article every now and then I link to from them. Take what you can find anywhere and go with it I say. Once in awhile even Makow has some facts worth repeating when he is not lecturing "christian" women on how to act.

    King interviewing Putin at the Kremlin has the makings of quite a rodeo!


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