Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Israeli CRIME MINISTER Netanyahu's Sex Life

You don't even want to know where that finger's been

5.7.13 photo NETANYAHU-BLEEDINGHEARTS_zps9d6efc66.jpg

Want to delve into a world of perversion sickening, even by Jewish standards?

Then see how much you know about the world's most sadistic terrorist, Wall Street thief, mass murderer, head of Israeli torture dungeons and False Flag expert, 'Bibi' Netanyahu!

1.) After having sex, what's Bibi's next move?

A. Wiping down his favorite horse, affectionately named 'Barack,' then walking the black stallion back to his stable.

B. Wiping the goo off the mouth, re-inserting the breathing tube and telling Ariel he'll see him next week.

C. Shoving the unconscious Bedouin off the bed, letting some Shin Bet agents haul the body away, so they can strap on a 'suicide' vest and blow up the victim, causing massive damages and death to others near the mosque.

D. Telling the US Congressman or Congresswoman, "Sorry, but Israel isn't going to commit one way or the other. Now open WIDE."

E. All the above.

The correct answer is E, All the above. Yes, a trick question, but if you know anything about 'Bibi' you'd know the man loves tricks, the bloodier, the better. Depending on what mood the CRIME MINISTER is in dictates what type of perversion he's 'up' for that day.

2. True or False? 'Bibi' is deep into the gay BDSM scene, using the cover of state visits to the USSA to visit homosexual performances in NYC and New Orleans where 'Bibi' is accompanied by Secret Service and MOSSAD agents to keep the punks at bay... or on their knees, whatever 'King Bibi' desires.

ANSWER: True. The reports that 'Bibi' insists on sitting in the front row at the homosexual BDSM live sex acts so he can use his mouth to catch any spare droplets of cum can not be confirmed at this time.

War Crimes Confession By Netanyahu

H/T to this fine lady

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