Sunday, May 19, 2013

JEW MSM Goes Crazy When Abby Tells the Truth

Abby as in Abby Martin, host of RT's "Breaking the Set."

Don't let her looks fool you. Abby is for real and has a brain to match her bod, unlike the FAUX 'News' anchorettes that have an IQ smaller than their bra size.

Go to this link to see how unhinged Jew terrorist MSM outlets like "The Algemeiner" become when someone has the balls to point out truths, like the facts that Israel, during the latest illegal war against the Gaza Concentration Camp, that nation of Talmud Thumping Psychos were targeting journalists, and engaging in ”unwarranted arrests,” “torture,” “psychological warfare,” “practicing apartheid,” “dropping white phosphorous on an open air prison,” and of conducting a “full on war against the media.”

A Jew war against truth that never ends, as this link shows that the 'Tribe' was effective in barring two murdered Palestinian journalists, Mahmoud al-Kumi and Hussam Salama, from a ceremony honoring reporters killed in the line of duty.

Murdered in cold blood by Israel.

Abby also correctly pointed out that the “U.S. corporate media” are “lackeys for U.S. Government,” and that “the U.S. Government has complete allegiance to Israel.”

Which made various Jew owned MSM sewer outlets mad as hell, since telling the truth about the Khazar land thieves will piss them off every time.

Abby Tells the Truth about the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11

Be careful Abby, you've got a 'Star of David' bulls-eye on your back. The Talmud Terror Masters don't like us sheeple to start thinking for ourselves, those that do have a nasty habit of committing 'suicide.'

Abby Martin does an excellent job of exposing the true terrorists in the ME, Apartheid Israel.

Israel is a nation filled with Talmud thumping crazies who think a G-d they invented gave them most of the ME and they'll do anything, including dropping a nuke on Damascus, to keep what they've stolen.

Any nation that has the SAMSON option, which is Israel's plan to nuke the entire planet if they think their numerous crimes against humanity start getting too much exposure, is a nation that is a danger to the planet.


  1. Its too bad that Abby doesn't understand her "Big Lie" quote for what it was truly about. Maybe she needs to research that, as well.

    If she understands that Israel (Jews) control America, then she needs to learn and understand how they came to be and what lies and misdirections they used to become Israel.

    It is all interlinked.

    I would have to ask her my standard question:

    When Did The American Government (and its lick-spittle minions) Ever Tell Us The Truth?

    a) They ALWAYS have told us the truth.

    b) The told us the truth up to and during WWII, but started lying afterwards.

    c) The lied before WWII, started telling the truth during WWII, then started lying again.

    d) They have ALWAYS lied to us.

    I wonder what her answer would be?

  2. All the above?

    Abby's not perfect, but she's miles ahead of FAUX and ZNN. RT and Abby was running daily the story about the Gitmo hunger strikers when the American MSM pretended they didn't exist.

  3. @b-man

    from Q2A . . . terrible underlying gap

    the american century. self-identical, according2slezkine's "the jewish century", never left Gr8Britain during that 20th . . . nor 17th

    yet did leave spain, in the 15th, and soon became 'Dutch', ie.East Indies Co. etc
    while at the same time infiltrating england, through cromwell, whose subsequent invite2william of Orange was also to his backers.Bankers
    who then simultaneously with their sephardicInvestors became 'The Spanish Main'. . . sugarplantations. molasses.rum. triangletrade. slaves. cotton. tabacca. cashcrops. ROI. shipbuilding2Bnationbuilding . . . throughout both that N&S Am. wellB4 what was also their very own N&Scivil war

    no. I&II, WW, well before then was 'The New World' their BANKERS' INVESTMENT. leROI

    there has never been a usa. beulahland


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