Friday, May 24, 2013

The Latest Disaster, Courtesy of the MSM

This cartoon pretty well sums up the lame-ass stupidity that has become the MSM.

5.24.13 photo McCoy_cart_zps7a269995.jpg

To add some hilarity to all the serious shit that's been going down, we now indulge in the mind-warping "Firesign Theater- Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him"

Finally, some actual truth from a Khazar bandit in 'Stolenland.'
Cooking in the Danger Zone: Israeli and Palestinian Territories

But is humous originally Jewish or, or Arabic?

Gil Hovav: Of course it’s Arabic. Humous is Arabic. Falafel, our national dish, our national Israeli dish, is completely Arabic and this salad that we call an Israeli Salad, actually it’s an Arab salad, Palestinian salad. So, we sort of robbed them of everything.


  1. OMgosh ....

    I had completely forgotten Firesign! In fact I think this is the first time I heard it all the way through .... thank you so much.

    Damn they are so bang on in retrospect!

    Thank you so much. You know I must share this with my readers as well.

  2. Back in the 'good old days,' or the 'old good days,' listening to FT in an 'enhanced' state was really a blast.


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