Sunday, June 30, 2013

1960's "College Bowl" versus "2 Broke Girls"

1966 - GE College Bowl - Part 1 of 3

In living color - An entire 1/2 hour episode (original commercials included) of this NBC quiz show from March 1966, but cut into three 10 minute installments because of You Tube time limits.

(General Electric, one of the largest manufacturers of weapons in the world, sponsored this program and seemed to be intent on urging American couples to get busy procreating to breed the next generation of cannon fodder.)

Not that TV was some kind of intellectual paradise in the 1960's but at least back then, parents didn't have to screen what was going to be on the 'Boob Tube' to make sure their little ones wouldn't be exposed to potty mouth humor, sexual innuendos, skimpy costumes and jokes revolving around bodily functions, especially farting, which a certain 'Tribe' finds hilarious, for some reason.

2 BROKE GIRLS - MINT GREEN VAGINA - two broke girls

What better way to relax after a hard day of getting into heated discussions with others about those really pertinent memes floating around, like should gays be allowed to marry? Or that Florida trial that ZNN and FAUX find endlessly fascinating.

Just sit down in front of your HD 42" wide 3D TV and let your brain cells turn to mush watching "2 Broke Girls" or that other laugh riot, "The Big Bang Theory."

That way, you won't waste precious time wondering when the USA will reach the tipping point that the Fed is striving for that will completely and totally destroy the USD. But not to worry, the same bunch of bankster gangsters that brought us the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 and that looted trillions out of our pockets at the same time they were helping international drug gangs launder trillions will be there, with another currency to replace the totally fucked dollar bill.

And it's off to the races we go!!


  1. OMG, that baby "heat 'n serve" trough ad was hilarious.

    I think that they were pushing sexual innuendoes since early days but nothing were as blatant like that 2 Broke Girls example. We all can thank Chuck Lorre for such progressive movenent. He's a muzzie, isn't he?;)

    Genaral Killectric - how's that, Greg?

  2. We didn't have a TV in the house until I was 12 or 13 years old. I guess I can still count my blessings having escaped the indoc in my early years. And I pretty much quit watching a while ago.

  3. Musique, can I call Chuck Loore Chaim Levine and not get fired?

    MN, we had a TV in the house, but we weren't allowed to watch until all the farm chores were done and homework finished and by then, it was usually bed time.

    Besides, we couldn't watch any shows deemed 'stupid' and our step-mom pretty much said all the stuff on the Boob Tube was stupid.


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