Sunday, June 2, 2013

Israel 1983 Bank Scams--Dry Run for Wall Street Cons?

All that Fed funny money, being loaned at virtually zero percent interest to those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks, some of which gets loaned out to the Fortune 500, that is making the stock market act like a female cat in heat isn't producing any real growth, just the appearance so they can lure the suckers back in to take some more of their wealth when the next bubble bursts.
The Narcissus Trade: Corporate America is buying back record amounts of its own stock

Flush with cash and a world of opportunity at their doorstep, companies have decided there’s nothing more attractive than themselves. So, they’re offering big money to buy back their own stock. This year, big U.S. companies have given the go-ahead for $286 billion of buybacks, up 88 percent from the same period last year, according to Birinyi Associates, a market research firm. If the pace continues for the rest of the year, the tally will exceed the record set in 2007.
When that bubble bursts and the Wall Street pirates realize that some Americans were smart enough to keep what little cash they still had out of the market, that's when they'll do a Cyprus on America; they'll boldly steal the money people have in their checking and savings accounts.
"It gets worse: recall from "Where The Levered Corporate "Cash On The Sidelines" Is Truly Going" that the bulk of the latest credit bubble frenzy is going not to finance actual organic growth, but merely to fund buybacks (see Apple), in an ongoing capital structure (cheap debt, rich equity) arbitrage. As Albert Edwards put it back then: "When the next leg in the "structural bear market" occurs, expect the equity buybacks to end, contributing to a renewed steep downturn in bank borrowing and monetary aggregates. The recent surge in the money data should be seen as a sign of the ills in the US economy, not health!"
Where did this scheme originate? Everybody's favorite SLC did a test run back in 1983.
1983 Israel bank stock crisis

The Bank stock crisis was a financial crisis that occurred in Israel in 1983, during which the stocks of the four largest banks in Israel collapsed, and were nationalized by the state.

During the 1970s, Bank Hapoalim, and its dominant manager, Yaakov Levinson, began trying to control the bank's stock price in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. To this end they recommended to their customers to invest in the bank's stocks. These investments allowed the bank to increase its available capital for investments, loans, etc. To get customers to continue investing in the bank's stock, the bank began buying back its own stock, thus creating the appearance of constant demand for the stock, and constantly increasing its value. The bank also gave out generous loans to allow the customers to continue their investments, also profiting from the interest.

These manipulations, or adjustments of the stock prices, by artificially creating demand, seemed to the other banks like a good way of procuring capital from the public, and they slowly adopted the practice as well. Eventually all major banks manipulated their stock price this way...

The adjustments were performed through the use of other companies. For example, Bank Leumi used the "Holdings and Development of The Jewish Colonial Trust Company". The funding for these actions originated in loans from the bank's pension funds and similar sources. Sometimes the banks would practice mutual purchases - one bank would sell its stocks to a second bank, and buy the second bank's stocks for a similar sum.

The banks' managers paid themselves lavish salaries, and expended money based on the banks' nominal profits, completely unrelated to their real profits.
Whenever a organized gang makes a bold theft in broad daylight, it's good to have a diversion on the other side of town, or in this case, the other side of the planet.

That's why many are viewing the Zionist sponsored Syrian massacre as a prelude to WWII. Maybe the lunatics in charge of the planet will let things get out of control, but it wouldn't be any fun ruling over a charred, radioactive wasteland.

Where would one get butlers, maids, chefs, gardeners, chauffeurs, etc. if most of the world was living under a Nuclear Winter cloud and the ones left dropping life flies from radiation poisoning?

The men Jews who crashed the world

Why would our 'special ally' need to spy on Americans 24/7?

Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

Why does Israel need to constantly spy on their Sugar Daddy? To make sure we stay ignorant of the truth. Stupid people are easier to manage.

Especially when you control their finances.

Like the Fed Board of Governors, controlled by Jews, with at least five of the seven governors belonging to the 'Tribe.'

Or the US Treasury Department, headed by an Orthodox Jew, by the name of Jacob Lew. His 2nd in commmand? Another Jew.

Or the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, who's behind many of those Iran sanctions that are basically acts of war against a nation that means us no harm, but Israel wants it destroyed. BTW, the head is a Jewess.

A legit question is why are there so many Jews in charge of our nation's money supply and finances?

To keep the planned implosion of the USA on course, but to first make sure that all the wealth Americans have is looted from within and MADOFF to Israel.


  1. Time Europe, 2000: "How many Federal Reserve chairmen does it take to change a light bulb?" Answer: "One, Greenspan holds the bulb, and the rest of the world evolves around him."

    Surely, we have to credit him too with everything that has been going wrong in the financial quarters.

    "Greenspan's fraud in a nutshell is this: Support tax cuts for the wealthy and ask the average worker to make sacrifices, using projections not facts. He behaves like an insurance salesman who cons people into parking their hard-earned money into phony schemes ..." (Ravi Batra). And he was knighted in 2002 by Lizzie II in "recognition of his outstanding contributions to global economic stability and ... Barf! Compared to Maddie he's done a lot more damage but is untouchable. Go figure.

  2. Greenspan, like Ben 'Shalom' Bernanke knows exactly what they're doing and who they're doing it to.

    In the past, these fraudsters got ran out of country after country, now they're lauded as some kind of genuis.


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