Monday, June 10, 2013

JFK's Murder + USS Liberty Massacre = 9/11

The voice in this video belongs to William Cooper, a true patriot who predicted 9/11 in June of 2001, was murdered by government agents several months after the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB by government agents.

When Israel realized that it could murder the US president JFK and not worry about repercussions and then savagely attack an unarmed American ship in international waters without any retaliation, that's when that psychotic state of mass-murdering, land stealing con artists, liars, thieves, murderers and corrupters knew they could pull off the greatest FALSE FLAG of all, the 9/11 attacks against the USA.

New revelations in attack on American spy ship: Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident

We were never told the truth about the murderous Israeli attack against the USS Liberty, and we were never told the truth about what really happened on 9/11.

Israel had help in attacking the Liberty, just like they had help in pulling off the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

The pilot of flight 77 which supposedly hit the Pentagon, was an ex-navy F4 pilot who, just 10 years prior, participated in an exercise in the Pentagon, in which it gets attacked by a commercial airliner. The project is documented by the government. No, we aren't making this stuff up!
Even Fox 'news' talks about how an ex-navy man was the pilot, but they fail to tell you about the real story...

1990--Charles Burlingame participates in a department of Defense exercise labeled project MASCAL, in which a commercial airliner is used as a weapon and crashed into the pentagon. (photos from exercise below, audio mistakenly says year is 2000).

2001--Charles Burlingame is flying the flight 77, the airliner that supposedly crashed into the pentagon

2002--Condaleeza Rice says "No one imagined an airliner being used as a weapon".

But it seems, not only did the United States government contemplate it, they in fact created a mock-up exercise depicting that very event, complete with a model of the Pentagon, a model jetliner, and even model rescue vehicles on scene.

In 1990, before the 9/11 attacks, the government simulated a Boeing 757 attacking the Pentagon. It appears as if they are interested in how the airliner will look in the aftermath. As though they are considering what 'scenes' to stage, for maximum pictorial effect.
11.3.2000_Simulated_Pentagon_Attack photo d1d28fa7.gif

In the experiment, emergency personnel were required to hold radio and other communications devices to increase their operational readiness for quickly transporting massive casualties from the disaster area to medical centers. Toy trucks were used as miniature models to simulate emergency transport vehicles for victims.
It seems that the "Internet Archive Wayback Machine" has developed a case of 'missing in action' when one does certain research on 9/11.

The Pentagon loves playing with its toys.

The next FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB attack on the USA will most likely be a cyber one, so the Internet can be shut down, on a temporary basis, so that the same fucks behind 9/11 can lock down the Internet, effectively negating all the truth coming out about 9/11.
The real reason behind the invocation of 9/11 in the context of "cyber terror" was revealed last year by Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig. He told a technology conference that former counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke admits there is a cyber equivalent of the constitution-destroying Patriot Act ready to be rubber stamped into law; all it requires is a "cyber 9/11" to make such legislation politically viable.

In effect, the cyber security establishment—the advisors, agents and experts in the newly-minted multi-billion dollar cyber security industry—are waiting for a spectacular cyber terrorist attack to go ahead with plans for 'identity management' schemes like fingerprinting for internet access which would put an end to the free Internet as we have known it.
97 BILLION pieces of intelligence captured in one month alone by the illegal spy network set up by the USA and monitored by Israel, in their never-ending hunt for 'al CIA Duh.' Feel safer now?

6.10.13 photo boundless-heatmap-large-001_zps61b31263.jpg

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