Thursday, July 4, 2013

2016 POTUS Race: HRM Hillary vs....

The PTB already have most of the details of the 2016 USA presidential election squared away. They will stage a massive hoax, AGAIN, in which Americans think they actually get to vote for POTUS, but it's nothing more than a choice between two NWO power junkies, whose real allegiance is to Israel, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.

The Dems will run the favorite canine companion of 'Slick Willy,' HRM Hillary.

Here's HRM Hillary acting very presidential.

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters

Interesting tidbit about HRM Hillary. Hillary and Israeli mega-spy Jonathan Pollard worked together at the Arkansas Rose Law firm.
Hillary's Secrets

But did you know that Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton, and Jonathan Pollard were all simultaneously partners at Rose Law Firm? Yes, that Jonathan Pollard, the unrepentant spy for Israel, arrested and sentenced to life in 1986 for espionage. Did you know that Vince Foster was under CIA scrutiny for the exact same crime at the time of his "suicide" in 1993?

Forbes magazine reported Foster had ties to Systematics, Inc., a software firm doing business with the NSA. Systematics was a Rose Law Firm client, which had acquired (some say stolen) a program to monitor the world's international banking transactions. According to Troy Underhill of Media Bypass magazine, Foster had $2.73 million stashed in a Swiss account, payment perhaps for sharing this software with Israeli intelligence. When the CIA started to close in, that $2.73m was seized by the U.S. Treasury-just weeks before Foster's death.
The Republicans will go with either Senator Rand Paul, if they want to draw in those who think Paul is a fighter for truth and liberty. They'll go with Senator Rubio if they want to capture the Hispanic vote.

Senator Paul shows his tough guy side when he tries to get a female journalist fired for asking him honest questions.

Interesting tidbit about Rand. He belongs to Baylor University's secret club called the "NoZe Brotherhood." It appears to be a farcical club, but with members like GW Bush, Clinton stalker Ken Starr and former CBS anchor Dan Rather, the club appears to have some clout.

The club has a "...Shekel Keeper, who tries to keep graft to a minimum so that there will be funds available after publication costs to pay for parties."

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  1. Thank you, for putting up the link to that HRM-H movie. I wasn't aware of it. She is one sick and power hungry puppy. If Cathy O'Brien and her book Trance Formation of America can be believed, the drug trade and murdering people isn't her only secret.

    And the court jester NoZe Brotherhood with their Shekel Keeper noze probably more of what's going on behind the scenes than the admin at the university. Just look at the dry humping Rand at the Western Wall.


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