Friday, July 5, 2013

Hitler Protected the Jews & Left Germans Open to Massive Bombing Campaigns

The magical Kabbalastic number of six million, which has been pounded into gullible GOY ears at least six million times, actually refers to the number of Jews Hitler saved by moving them to relocation camps to protect them from the around the clock USA and British bombing campaign which turned many European, but especially German cities into a real holocaust of fire and death.

This is the truth that the Zionist Jews that control the MSM don't want you to know, that Hitler was the Jew's friend, going out of his way to protect them from the ravages of WWII.
The key point it that after his army was sent abroad, he cut off their supply lies. When your army is 1,000 km away, they need supply lines open. That meant controlling the railroads, and using his railroads to support his army. Once he loses that, his nation is defenseless. They need heavy supplies like food, ammo, fuel, blankets, replacement truck tires, etc. etc.). Hitler cut off their supply lines. He used a highly critical military resource, i.e. railroad cars and engines to pull them, not to supply his best defenders while they were 1,000 km away, but rather to move the Jews from their million mark mansions in the heart of the inner cities (“ghettos”) to the the safety of countryside “concentration” camps. There is ample evidence that these were in fact protection camps, with brothels and spas, music parlors, libraries, swimming pools, badminton courts, volley ball courts, etc.

Repeatedly, shortly after Hitler moved the Jews from the inner cities to their protection camps, the Jews (i.e. the Allies) fire bombed, holocaust bombed, flatout bombed, the inner cities to smitherines. Killed by mass exterminations, by holocaust fire bombing, were the six million white European women and children…. exterminated by Jewish bombs.
Part 1 Adolf Hitler - The greatest story NEVER told!


  1. Hitler wanted the jews out of Germany. Had the allies not declared war on Germany no jews would have died unnaturally. Before the war jews were put into transit camps where they learned productive trades. With the war jews were put into workcamps to further the war effort. It is true that jewish lives were saved from reprisal of eastern europeans who suffered under jewish bolshevism, by being interned in transit camps, that is until allied bombing stopped food and medical supplies to the camps. When this happened typhus raged and jews died. The official Red Cross number of jewish deaths is around 280,000. Hitler did not hate the jews he simply recognized that they as a people were unable to live without a predatory tribal mentality among people other than jews.

    Your quote above is wrong and your video is misleading. I would describe Hitler as dedicated but not fanatical.

  2. Edgy stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

    Most rednecks have no idea about the real Hitler. There has been too much bullshit told on the man.

    The world's largest scapegoat had a little bitty mustache.

  3. BM, one thing's for sure, any post about Hitler will get people fired up and many for the wrong reasons.


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