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The Golani Unit: Israels Finest Psychopaths

To understand the psychopaths behind 9/11, one must go to where they trained on an unarmed indigenous people, Palestine and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity on a brutal scale, led by one of the 9/11 architects, Ariel Sharon.
The IDF Golani unit was formed on 28 February 1948 by orders of David Ben-Gurion. It was the first unit involved in the Al-Nakba crimes, in the murdering and terrorizing Palestinians on a massive scale. From 1949-1950, the Golani unit was led by war criminal and psychopathic murderer Ariel Sharon.

In order to understand who the Golani are, we also need to look at the most notorious commander of the unit, Ariel Sharon.

Who is Sharon?

Sharon was a member of the terror gang “Hagana” and commander of the Alexandroni death squad. He was wounded at the Latrun battle near Jerusalem during Al-Nakba, the so-called “Jewish war of independence”.

Sharon was appointed as a spy officer of the occupational northern Central Command.

In Summer of 1953 he established the death-squad-like Unit 101, a group of psychopaths who Sharon trained to be even more proficient as killers, and imbued in them the concept that they were above and beyond any kind of moral restraints and they should destroy the Palestinian towns over the head of the people. Under the leadership of Sharon, Unit 101 perpetrated on October 1953 the first massacre against the Palestinian civilians of Qybia, a village north-east of Jerusalem, killing hundreds of women, children and elderly Palestinians.

Sharon was a commander in the war against Egypt, the “Sinai War”.

During the Six Days War, Sharon was a commander of the armored division which stormed the main Egyptian force. Sharon reached the Suez Canal and murdered all the Egyptian prisoners who were captured by his soldiers.

As Minister of Housing, Sharon invented the illegal settlements for Jewish squatters in the West Bank. From now on, any Jew anywhere in the world was just the price of a bullet away from “his” land. The price of a bullet to the head of the original Palestinian owner, that is.

Minister for War under Menahem Begin. He engineered the massacres of Sabra and Shatila on the 19th September 1982. He not only authorized the murder of thousands of Palestinian refugees by the Lebanese militias allied with Israel, but protected their actions and tried to cover up this crime against humanity.

The father of the illegal Jewish squatter settlements in the West Bank, the Minster of Housing projects of building the Jewish settlements in Palestine.

Later, until January, 2006
Makes a political comeback as head of the Likud. Becomes Prime minister. Suffers a massive cerebral bleeding and falls in coma. Is replaces by Olmert. Suspicions abound that Sharon's illness was induced by radical elements of the Israeli political scene, who regarded him as a hindrance to their more ambitious plans for a “Greater Israel”.
MSM Accidentally Airs Incriminating 9/11 Evidence ?

Let's not leave out Sharon's biggest accomplishment, his role in the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.
Is Ariel Sharon the Mastermind of 9-11?

The controlled media whitewashes Ariel Sharon's long history as a master of terrorism in the same way that it censors all discussion of the evidence of Israeli military intelligence being involved in the terror attacks of 9-11. Yet, the question remains: Is Sharon the terrorist mastermind behind 9-11?

As reported since September 2001, there is a great deal of evidence that Israel's military intelligence was involved in the terror attacks of 9-11, which raises the obvious question about Sharon's personal role in the events that launched the War on Terror. Logically, the evidence offers two options: either Sharon as prime minister had prior knowledge of 9-11 and is one of the chief architects of the terror attacks or the Mossad, Israel's military intelligence agency, is under the command of an outside authority, and was involved in a massive covert operation in the United States without the knowledge of the prime minister.

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  1. The IDF Golani Brigade, the most hyped Israel IDF brigade who when they came into open battle with second and third tier Hezbollah army capitulated and ran from the battle. The only thing they did was to capture a shepard name Hassan. LOL


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