Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The International Banking Cartel, Mobsters One and All

Telling truths about the sleazy fucks who are running and ruining this planet, the banksters, will get you in trouble or banned from reporting the news to Americans, which is what happened to PRESS TV.

Probably the worst of the bunch is the secretive Bank for International Settlement (in Basel, Switzerland), the 'godfather' to all those Rothschild central banks like the FED that is going to launch a currency that will be used by the entire world.

These bottom-feeders have slimed their way into damn near every market available, manipulating prices to their benefit, making hundreds of billions in the process and also putting the entire planet on a path to financial doom.

They are accountable to no one, only their bottom line. As soon as they get done wrecking the US economy, the same ass-hats will appear as saviors with a new and improved fiat currency.

A look at the International Banking Cartel led by the Bank for International Settlement (in Basel, Switzerland) known as the bank of central banks (58 central banks) and The US Federal reserve System. Also a look at banking tycoons: from the Rothschild family in Europe to JP Morgan and others in the US. How banks not only control governments but also appoint politicians through huge campaign donations. Governments at the service of the major banks, the best example: the Obama administration and the history’s biggest bail out of the same institutions that caused the Great Recession.

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Nikola Tesla 2 weeks ago

Granny’s secret neocon kosher recipe:

1. Scare the shit out of US voters with terrorist attacks

2. Invade Arab country with massive oil reserves

3. Sell lots of weapons; extract oil and stand by Afghani poppy fields

4. Crush the Bill of Rights and censor the internet

5. Crack the global economy and split Arab countries in pieces

6. Scare the shit out of US voters again

7. Invade Persian country with tons more oil reserves

8. Invite Israeli friends and serve with finger biscuits and champagne

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