Tuesday, July 16, 2013

USA a British Crown Colony

White House has a Queens' Bedroom and Queens' Sitting Room.

12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related To One British King


  1. http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/search/label/Bloodlines

  2. Hey Greg,

    Can you believe this shriveled little ol s**tf**ker larry shitverstein is still alive 'n kicking and STILL wanna collect money? Shouldn't he be sending that bill to dov zakhaim instead? Only in America!

    "Owner of World Trade Center is trying to sue airlines for BILLIONS for 9/11 attacks... even though he was already paid $5billion in insurance
    Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center, is seeking $3.5billion from United Airlines, US Airways and American Airlines
    Silverstein argues that the 9-11 attacks cost his property group more than $7billion
    The new One World Trade Center alone cost $3.9billion



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