Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Very Evocative Letter About Palestinians and What's Left of the USA

Found this letter on the column, "What National Interest?" by Lawrence Davidson. It pretty well sums up the current state of affairs in the entire USA, not just West Chester, PA.
jerrygates · 11 hours ago

Lawrence Davidson and I live and work in the same town, see the same faces on the streets and get the same cold shoulders, icey stares and hear the back hand comments, slurs against people who tell the truth to power is what we get for our toiling against hasbara, AIPAC WINEP, the ZOA and their freinds of Israel.

Of course Lawrence and I arent important rich folks whose money could file suits for damages , we have no anti defamation league watching our buts but have it hounding us, mocking our work and licking it's lips for the day when the Israelite s New World Order birth pangs reach American Hearts and minds if they haven't already.

Sour grapes is what this is, some people fight like tigers all of their lives, the Palestinians and have gained the attention of their "international community of wealthy magnates and nation states with kings queens and presidents, Prime Ministers and generals all weighing in as they shake their heads, Its a damn shame about the Palestinians, they say then go back into their ivory towers for a three martini lunch after which they forget what Palestinians endure.

As people bitch and rant about their standard of living going downhill, rights evaporating daily to police state intrusions and hear the succesfully famous, rich and neloved progressive blogs talk about every wrong and evil on the planet save for the plight of the Palestinians we know that hearts of many are turned cold as ice towards Palestine because it pays well , Imagine not mentioning if an Israeli Jews were gutted like a fish by a rocket in their stomack or gas grenade to the head, it would be a field day for the leftist press like Truth dig or Alternet decrying how insensitive people are to the pitiful Jews in Israel, but when Palestinians suffer now for decades the only love they get is lip service which after the photo op for dignitaries, the indignity of life under occupation only gets worse.

Our town isnt like it used to be, no farmers come for breakfast, too many glitzy yuppies in the diner seats these days, it's as if a money bomb dropped on West Chester that bought the souls of it's city consel. zoning board and mayor. While LD and so many others stump for Palestinians rights our own town is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Moodys, Zukin, Short and Goldberg. low life goyim need not apply for work here, the ditch diggers and dirt ball hillbillys like me just get stared at, sorry no room at the inn, your once quaint little town died Jerry. everything that anti zionist love about the nation becomes diminimus to the profits of the upper classes. we the goyim of the place once ran it with pride of ownership as citizens now the lilliputions of low state and dirty fingernails are servants either in the big houses of the masters of fates or outlyers scraping through the dirt as the Irish once did, hoping one last potatoe might yet be found by desperatly parched hands lips and sore dry throats. Lamentations is what we have left to say, the dirge of once able bodied hard working class people is that sucking sound of opportunity gone down the drain because one couldnt heel to the red lines of Netenyahu in America, you fight zionism over there and it draws and quarters your life back here at home, that the system, mess with Mossad Shin beth and their nazi boot licking fascist bastards and ones life becomes not worth living, they impose a price tag upon activists of ever ilk, but the cost of disposing of human beings from their rightful inheritance is far steeper than what they extract for My pathetic ass. Imagine having to attack a poor person to protect the rich socialite pansies of hasbara from such a vaunted and treasure laden lair as zionists own and understand that these folks would erase as many lives as it takes to have the gloryious days of hedonist lechery last forever.

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