Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"al-CIA-Duh' Headed to Mongolia?

All the signs point that way.

The USA has been sending troops to Mongolia to participate in war games for 'peace-keeping' purposes. I bet most Americans couldn't locate Mongolia on a map, so what in the hell are we doing in a country most Americans don't even know exists?

The Rothschilds Rio Tinto Group is mining gold and copper in Mongolia, so naturally they'll need heavily armed troops on-hand to keep at bay any pesky Mongolians who might dare to think their country's mineral wealth should be used for Mongolia's benefit, and not some ultra-rich fucks who are nothing more than parasites.

There hasn't been much exploration for oil and natural gas in Mongolia's vast Gobi Desert, which shows promise. That type of news that produces feelings of sexual arousal in the City of London and Wall Street 'Too Big to Fail' banksters.

One of those Wall Street gangster banks, Citigroup, is showing a very high interest in Mongolia, so can 'al-CIA'Duh' be far behind?

Or will some other CIA/MI6/MOSSAD funded terrorist group appear in Central Asia? These two Jewish Americans think so!

Soldiers with the Mongolian Armed Forces conduct counter improvised explosives classes taught by U.S. Army SSG David Hoskins and other members of the Mongolian Armed Forces at Five Hills Training Area, Mongolia on Aug. 06, 2013. Khaan Quest is an annual multinational exercise sponsored by the U.S. and Mongolia, and it is designed to strengthen the capabilities of U.S., Mongolian and other nations' forces in international peace support operations.


  1. Very interesting material, Greg. Thank you.

    Seems to me the warmongering peace keepers won't stop at anything to help unlock the economic potential of that region. 3 Mio people on 600K sqmiles, that's 5 people/sqmile. Did I get it right this time? :)

    So, how many western directed suicide bombers does it take to kill 1 Mio herders, if they can find them? I rest my case.

    But I still think they should have conducted those military exercises in the middle of January.

  2. Playing soldier in January in Mongolia wouldn't be too much fun for those war mongers, they'd be too worried about freezing to death.


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