Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anther vile anti-Semite,,,,LMAO

Baseball player Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Braves, who was recently suspended for the illegal use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) got all indignant and claimed the urine tester was anti-Semitic. Yes, Braun is a 'Chosenite.'
Reports: Ryan Braun Claimed Urine Collecter Was Anti-Semitic Cubs Fan

ESPN first reported the news, followed up shortly by an independent report from Yahoo, and each outlet's sources say the same thing: in the 2011-12 offseason, as Braun appealed a failed drug test, he launched a private smear campaign against the sample collector Dino Laurenzi Jr, alleging that he was biased against Jewish people, and, worse, a Cubs fan.

According to both ESPN and Yahoo (curiously, both cite "three sources"), Braun intimated to players that Laurenzi might have had it out for him because he was anti-Semitic, and Braun is Jewish.
According to "The Forward," Braun is only Jewish on his father's side, so that doesn't really make him a true son of Abraham, which probably means he's not entitled to use the anti-Semitic clause when lashing out against us GOY for any perceived hurts or transgressions.

The ADL--Another Damn Lie--tries to spin Braun's BS as some massive Jew-hating conspiracy.

As for all this ruckus over PED's and the like, I think they ought to sanction that type of drug usage and put all the artificially beefed up players in one division. Put all the drunks in another and the illegal drug users in yet another.
You could put all the Bible Thumpers into their own division and then the rest of the players who don't need all those crutches and let them play and see who wins the World Series or the Stupid Bowl or whatever other silly-ass distraction that is offered to the sheeple to keep them looking the other way while those Jewish run, Zionist owned Wall Street banks and the Jewish run, Zionist run FED bleed this country dry.

That's the real story we should be talking about, getting gang-raped by some Jewish run, Zionist owned banks, but that would mean people opening their minds to intelligent, rational thought.

Here's what those who shout 'anti-Semite' the loudest are hiding from you while their bandit buddies clean out your bank's vaults, steal OUR gold from Ft. Knox and wreck the economy.

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  1. The ADL--Another Damn Lie

    Love it & soooooooooooo true!
    I can see that kosher lard fatman with blood drenched fingers, wiggling sepent tongue before uttering those much beloved words......


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