Thursday, August 22, 2013

Consumed – The Weird Mental Illness of Consumerism

Consumerism: the scourge and disease of today

"We've all got this weird mental illness called consumerism” declares a new movie called 'Consumed: Inside the belly of the beast'.

And is it not true? We are constantly being told that our happiness depends on what we own and how much we spend and whether we have the newest and latests and best model.

But that is just not the case because for all our consuming we are no better off in terms of happiness and we are a lot worse off in terms of negative physical and psychological impacts. And also in financial terms more often than not.

The sub-prime lending issue is a prime example here in that people believed that they have to own a home rather than rent and even though they hardly could afford to they, nevertheless, followed the addiction and now many of those have lost their homes.

And a great majority falls prey to this illness of wanting more and more and new and new all the time. It is a disease that is killing the Earth.
It is said that the only people that say money doesn't matter are the ones who don't have any money.

Americans seem to be pre-occupied with wealth, possessions, shiny things like diamonds and gold and generally, being wealthy enough so you can peer down your nose at others. It's a sickness that is corrupting our beings, our soul and turning us to the dark side.

Part or maybe a lot of that can be blamed on non-stop brainwashing, that equates wealth and status with happiness.

A drive for something material in this world that takes precedent over all others, making us blind, deaf and dumb to the world around us. The same world we are letting our Zionist occupied government destroy while we fight like wharf rats over shiny objects.

George Harrison's "Living in the Material World"

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