Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hagel Rhymes With Bagel

When those cruise missiles start flying into Syria from American warships, let's not forget that current Secretary of War Chuck Hagel was willing to debase and degrade himself just to get past the Senate confirmation hearing.

This entire hearing was a blatant show of force by Israel, letting Americans know who really controls the Senate and the Defense Department...and the House and the White House and the Treasury Department...

49,000 American troops committed suicide between the years 2005-2011, twice the rate of the general population. But that chilling fact was discussed only twice during this "Show Your Love for Israel" Senate hearing.

Are there any slimier POS on the planet other than 'Insane' McCain and the despicable Lindsey Graham?

8.31.13 photo hagel_confirmation_zpsd4a957b0.png
Just Who Do They Represent: At Hagel Hearing, Concern for Israel Tops U.S. Troops in Combat

When Senator Mike Lee took his turn to cross-examine defense-secretary nominee Chuck Hagel during last Thursday’s confirmation hearing, he expressed considerable concern for Israel’s security.

“Let’s say those Palestinians who have engaged in acts of terrorism, perhaps in retaliation against Israel for Israel defending itself,” the Republican from Utah asked, ”do they have a legitimate gripe?”

Hagel responded that “terrorism can never be justified under any circumstances.”
Lee continued, bringing up the possibility that Israel might withdraw to its pre-1967 borders. “Do you view that as a tenable solution?” he asked Hagel. “Do you believe such borders are militarily defensible?”

This went on and on. In fact, Lee—by himself—made reference to Israel and its security a total of 16 times.

Why is this important? It’s important because Lee never mentioned Afghanistan and the 66,000 U.S. troops at war there.
And Lee was not alone.

Freshman Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas also grilled Hagel about Israel. He mentioned the Jewish state 10 times—without ever once referring to Afghanistan or the U.S. troops in combat there.

When it was their turn to question Hagel, GOP senators Roy Blunt of Missouri and Roger Wicker of Mississippi each referred to Israel in a half dozen instances. Neither mentioned Afghanistan.

In nearly eight hours of interrogation and testimony, Israel and its interests were referred to by the Senate Armed Services Committee a total of 106 times. On the other hand, there were a mere 24 references made to Afghanistan and the Americans fighting there—most by Democratic Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the committee.
"I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of Israel..."


  1. The subservient bastards just fall to pieces over them...

  2. As you once put it, they are like a parasite and somehow they control the brains of Bagel Hagel and every other ass-kissing pol.

  3. Yes, BM, the parasites have taken control of our government, leading it down a path to complete ruin, while they'll be celebrating and living large on all that money they stole from Americans.

  4. Secretary of D1&only Dfence:

    Hagel. Chuck.



    ...Fuck. well. almostly ...

  5. I left this over at Kenny's. Strange they are going to have a cyber drill to simulate an attack on the grid up north and now we hear of some electronic banking problems up there.

    I left this at Kennys. Remember big sister predicts a big time cyber attack before she packed up to leave for cali.

    Since the bankers run the governments, I think a better option for them would be to launch a cyber attack on the banks of the US and Europe, to blame the Iranians and the Syrians or even the Chinese and to steal your bank accounts, mutual funds, pensions and whatever is not underneath your mattress.”

    More from Big Sis.

    Not if but when

    Strange electronic problems in the northeast

    WP doesn't think they are going to pull this attack off, I am wondering if they are really crazy enough to empty the banks and try and blame it on somebody else?

  6. Buckle up buckaroos, it is going down! LOL


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