Saturday, August 24, 2013

"If You See Something...." 9/11 TRUTH WTC 7!

Fantastic video of some rather beautiful graffiti being painted on and around Hartford, CT asking for '9/11 TRUTH.'

Some truly beautiful paintings painted at some truly dangerous locations, like highway overpasses while the artist is only using his/her feet to steady themselves and hold onto to the narrow piece of channel steel crossing the road that supports the overpass.

H/T to DublinsMick

9/11 Truth Graffiti Showing Up All Over Central Connecticut

NOTE: A word of warning to 'Rivero's Rangers,' reading the following might make you think your leader is full of pineapple juice.

9-11 Flight Data Recorder Disproves Pentagon Attack

The Flight Data Recorder (The Black Box) animation, allegedly from Flight 77, provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), does not agree with the government's official story of the 9-11 Pentagon attack, nor does it agree with the 9-11 Commission's animation of the attack, which itself does not agree with the government's version.

The government's version of the aircraft's approach, which downed five light poles in the process, and shown in the Pentagon parking lot's few surveillance video frames, is the only version which accounts for the directional penetrating damage inflicted on the Pentagon. However, it is totally ad odds with the Flight Data Recorder information and reputable witnesses on the ground interviewed by Citizen Investigation Team.

The Citizen Investigation Team's production "Deconstructing the Pentagon Attack" poses a very plausible scenario which accounts for "an observed aircraft" approaching the Pentagon, albeit not on the track the government claims, and which, in fact, did not strike the building, having approached at an angle inconsistent with the direction of the penetrating damage. Was that aircraft simply a diversion - making a very low pass? What, then, hit the Pentagon?

Homeland Security Made in Israel


  1. Hell yeah, if you see something, say something!

    Ezzat lives in Egypt so maybe he should have a little say.

  2. Perhaps 911 Graffiti is an Inside job? By that, I mean distraction or disinformation.


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