Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whose Crazier? Evangelical Christians or Ultra-Orthodox Jews?

My money's on the whacked out Evangelicals, but it's a tight race with the winner getting to set off WWIII.

Another valid question is which group is more filled with hate. Again, I'd bet on the crazier than a shithouse rat Evangelicals, but if I lived in the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza, it would be the Hasidic Jews who'd get my vote for the ones filled with hate.

The Evangelicals won't be happy until some type of world war, preferably one involving nuclear weapons, is unleashed upon the world, killing billions in the process, but that's music to their ears, as that means their beloved Jeeeesus is coming back!

Ultra-Orthodox Jews get their hate on against anyone in striking distance, even one of their own.

Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews 'harass' 8-year-old girl over dress

This video is for you Evangelicals who just can't get enough of Israelis living on 'Stolenland.'

Rabbi Felix Rogin: Jesus Was Witch Or Sorcerer With An Eye For The Ladies


  1. whose what is crazier? sigh..eyeroll.. the word is who's.. as in who is crazier..............?

  2. Whose crazier? Oh lord.....

    Let's see...one group is known fo its virulent contempt for Christ and the other group worship the Christ hating group. Heck...they will even send their own offsprings to to fight and die for israhell, as if israhelli blood is more precious than every one else on earth.

    Love is a verry strange thang, Greg!

  3. I don't see how Christians can go to Israel for baptism by water and listen to a Christ hating rabbi bad mouth our Lord. It defeats the purpose of the visit when denying Christ.

    As for the Wailing Wall, it should be renamed the Hump Wall. Have you noticed the sexual undulating gestures by males? The act of so called worship, is a pagan ritual. Any other civilized society would be appalled.

  4. Good catch Lee about the sexual undulating by the Wailing Wall Jews.
    Never looked at it that way before, but it sure looks sexual in nature.

    It's amazing how quickly those Christians are willing to toss JC overboard just to please Israeli's.

    An old saying about wolves in sheep's clothing comes to mind.


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